Sunday, August 28, 2011

If You're Going To San Francisco... sure to wear some flowers in your hair. And barring that, there are at least 278 other things to do, but if you're an Anthro lover, who happens to be staying at a hotel adjacent to Union Square, well, one of those 278 things has to include walking over to the lovely Anthropologie store, located right there, on Market Street, about half a block from the Powell Street BART station exit.

Because I was there for work, and hence, spending time with a co-worker after our workday had ended, I wasn't able to "dive deep" into the store, the way I might have, had I been there on my own with a couple hours to kill. But still, I wanted to share some quick snaps I took of the store (mostly from the ground floor - there's a second "basement-level" floor that actually houses the bulk of the store's merchandise) for those of you who've never visited this SF Anthro before.

It's the Golden Gate Bridge! Complete with Rice-a-Roni accents! (It's the San Francisco treat, you know.)

 Beauty items on display - I love how this store creates the effect of having multiple "rooms" by their clever use of the frame-like feature they built along one long wall.

 A "sitting room," which leads to the top of the stairs that take you down to the rest of the store.

The much-coveted Bowed Lacerta Mary Janes! Sadly, I didn't have time to try them on, but they're really lovely in person!

 I did throw on the Ascot Swing Coat (it was cold! And I was reeeeally tempted...) for fun. My co-worker, Jeff, was nice enough to offer to take some photos of me in it. I wasn't quite ready in this one...

There we go - it makes it easier to take my photo when I don't abruptly check my collar. (Jeff was particularly proud of how he caught my reflection in the mirror as well - nice, right?) I tried on the Ascot Swing Coat in an XS, and I have to say, I loved it. If it wasn't for the fact that I knew I was returning to at least 2 more months of summer weather in SoCal, I might have walked out of the store, wearing this coat. The collar was a little tricky to figure out - and to be honest, I didn't have the time to really get it right, as you can tell in the photo above. I'm certain I could get it, given just a few more minutes of fiddling and folding/unfolding. There's a loop hidden beneath the fold of one end of the collar, so no tying is involved (which is what I thought I had to do at first). Again, I didn't get it right, but I really loved the coat despite that. I felt that the proportions were right in every regard, and the color is just great - it'll carry me through fall, winter, and into early spring, easy. The only concern you might have about this piece is that it isn't terribly heavy - it's not going to be your winter coat, if you live in a locale that gets real winter weather. It is, however, quite promising for San Diego.

I'll be heading to San Francisco for work at least a couple more times over the next few months. And I'm definitely looking forward to spending more time there. 


  1. Obsessed with this!! I'm dying to go to San Fran one day. And the swing coat looks adorable on you!!

  2. I had my eye on that coat-- it looks adorable on you!

  3. Gorgeous coat, it seems to look fantastic on lots of people so far! Might be one of those coveted items perhaps.

  4. That coat looks great on you.  It totally didn't work for me.

  5. I love the SF store too!! If your going to be here on business a few more times, the Ascot Swing Coat would be perfect for SF early fall weather!! And it looks cute on you!!