Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meeting Dea & a Book Club Update

Happy weekend, everyone! Hope you're all doing well. Friday night, after work, I was able to meet the inimitable and lovely Dea (pronounced "Day-uh"). She's as smart, well-spoken, conscientious, and kind as you might imagine. And she's got the most fantastic bone structure, hahaha. 

Bonus? Kate and Rowan loved her. But especially Kate. ^_^ It helped that Dea was willing to hold hands and "bounce" with her, keep her company while she played with the three-sided mirror in the fitting room area at Anthro (where else would two Anthro-bloggers go when meeting for the first time?), and take her up the escalator, while Mom took the double stroller (I use this one) over to the elevator (which, while having buttons to push, is not nearly as fun as an escalator.

"See, Dea? This is our store. This is how we play. They have all this fun stuff. It's great!" 
(Note: Kate isn't quite this articulate yet. But this is what I imagine she'd say, if she could. ^_-)
Seen above: Pinwale Alphabet

"Oh, and this is my big brother, Rowan. He's teaching me my alphabet."
(No fabric covered letters were harmed in the taking of these photographs. And we cleaned up.)

We each tried on an outfit, for kicks. I love that Traced and Tabbed Buttondown that Dea has on. I really think I'm going to need to add it to my wishlists, even if I have to wait for sale. I rather thought I should do without it, since I have a chambray blouse already, but this one has dots. And as Dea pointed out, sometimes there's a place for dots and sometimes there's not. And in either case, it's good to be prepared.

As for my outfit, this one is straight out of the catalog. I'm wearing the tee in a size small and the skirt in a size 2. The skirt is way too long for me, but I did order in a 2P from the store, so we'll see how the petite version fits when it gets here. Fingers crossed!

So, thanks to everyone for their enthusiastic response to my query regarding interest in a book club, hosted here. I culled your comments for our first round of selections, and even threw in a non-fiction book (the last title in the poll), so if you'd like to join in the reading-and-chatting-about-it fun, please feel free to help us pick our first title. There are five to choose from, and you can vote for multiple titles. The title with the most votes will be our first read, and I'll post our book club's first reading selection as well as other relevant details, mid-week.


  1. cute cute cute! I'm headed to SD for a few days to take the kids to Legoland and Seaworld. I'm hoping to blog about my adventures

  2. what a fun evening!!!   Dea is my "blog pal" that made it possible for me to get the Beda dress last year.  I am in Fresno right now...but hit the Fresno anthro and was able to not only get a replacement for my steer the helm skirt that had a defective clasp... but also got an Odille blouse on 2nd cut that looks awesome with the sailboat skirt I finally got.... in a size smaller than I tried in May-June.......YAY.  ( and yay for birthday gift card) Those outfits look great on you.  

  3. love kate, she's so happy and adorable. while rowan seems to be the perfect big brother.
    that looks like a lot of fun.  

  4. I love kate! 

    Cool that you got to meet up - and at Anthro no less! I'd love to join in with the bookclub. I see that The Help is winning. I enjoyed that book already, but I would happily join in for the next book! 

  5. Sounds like so much fun- and great outfits, ladies!
    I love the polka-dot shirt- I ordered a very similar one at Land's End Canvas several days ago. It may fit the bill, and is only 39.50. Here's a link if anyone would like to check it out-

  6. Well, I don't think the link copied well, but it is the "Women's Patterned Chambray Shirt", Item # 40555-7XKX at Land's End Canvas.

  7. Dea's the sweetest, isn't she?  I got to meet her at my Anthro party a few months ago and she was so awesome!  Glad you got to meet her too.  I love Kate -she is soooo cute.

    Hooray - I'm glad you've got the book club coming along!  I can't wait to participate.  I'm reading The Help right now ( saw the movie today), so I'd be fine with that, but I'm also dying to read Hunger Games!

  8. Sounds like a fun meet up!  Your kids are such cuties:) 

    I'm excited about the book club - I'm voting for The Help as I just started reading it, but it may also be nice to get out of my element a bit with some of the other selections.  

  9. Cool! How fantastic that you and dea met! Btw..I always thought it was pronounced "dee". Your kids are so cute!

  10. Oh my gosh, how lovely do you and Dea look? It's so awesome you ladies got to meet up!

    And I've been out of the loop for a minute, but I can't wait to participate in the book club! Yay!

  11. your little ones are the cutest!  that skirt looks so promising--can't wait to see the petites version on you!