Tuesday, August 30, 2011

That SoCal, It's So Hot Right Now (OOTD)


Oh, my East Coasters. First an earthquake and then a hurricane. I hope y'all are okay!

As for SoCal...well guys, right now it's hotter than Bradley Cooper speaking French in a tv interview.

On hot muggy days like this, I love knit dresses like this one that I picked up after spying it on the lovely Rosa of Love At First Shop several weeks ago here.

Chances are, if Rosa wears something cute, I want to wear it too.

The material breathes like a dream (perfect for scorching days like these) and the drapey cowl neck does wonders for making me feel not-so-small-chested.

...and hey, did you notice the shoes? Yep. There's the shooz again. I'm trying to play catch up with that whole "cost-per-wear" game. I've seriously worn them everyday since I've gotten them. The advantage to buying something in that pretty pretty nude color (and really, is there a prettier nude than that Jimmy Choo nude?) is that they go with everything. And the high-heeled wedge makes me feel like my legs look über long. And the really awesome news is, they're suuuuper comfy. (I wonder if that "suuuuper" was umlaut-worthy? like, "süper") Anyway, I'd jog in them if I could. Which...I mean...I can't, but...you get the point.

You best believe I'll be one of those girls who even wears these puppies to a hockey game.

Which I already did, this past weekend. To see this man:

who's that man in the JOFA helmet..?

the one, the only...Teemu Selänne.

My mother's nurse urged me to take some time for myself this past weekend, to take my mind off of things. So I took the opportunity to attend the Fedorin Cup - a charity hockey game held every year in memory of Eric Fedorin, who had been diagnosed with brain cancer in 1998. It was fun to find myself at a rink, hanging with friends and listening to the relaxing sounds of skate blades and sticks on the ice. Teemu's appearance was a total surprise, and it gave a lot of the fans (me included!) hope that he intends to return for one more season.

And - bonus! - he signed my Team Finland jersey (which I've had for...13 years? Wow!)

It was a welcome reprieve, even if it was just for a few hours.

And I suppose it's important in times like these, to remember to take good care of oneself. Which I guess for me means...a pair of shooz, a hockey game and a beautiful Finnish man.

So take good care of yourselves, my friends. And thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Glad to hear you got some much needed me-time! 
    And whoa, that guy is hot. He doesn't look like any of the Fins I know!

  2. Love the whole outfit!  It's almost our daily uniform here in Houston!  Stay cool!

    Thank you for the Bradley Cooper video, his hotness factor has tripled! 

  3. your outfit is adorable - love that belt! And bradley cooper speaking french - very hot indeed!!

  4. Mindofmr Blogspot ComAugust 30, 2011 at 1:19 PM

    love the dress with the belt!

    and the shoes are so pretty!!


  5. You are so right: Bradley Cooper is beautiful! And even more hot when he speaks a foreign language.
    In June, one of my 14-year-old students showed me that video during class in the computer lab. While probably wildly inappropriate, we both were swooning. lol

  6. Oh, I love Bradley Cooper! And I think you look great! I love summer knits. It is soooo hot here right now!

  7. Haha I agree, Teemu is quite the hottie! ;) The only Finns I get to see are the ones that play in the National Hockey League here in North America, and a lot of them seem super hot to me!

    Thanks for reading!

  8. Good thing I was wearing a dress with such nice, breathable fabric so that I wouldn't perspire too much when watching that video, huh? ;)

  9. Merci beaucoup! And...uh...oui oui! ;)

  10. Bradley Cooper is so. Incredibly. Hot. I have no idea how you kept your cool around your student while watching that lol.

  11. Thank you so much! Stay cool! It's scorching over here!