Sunday, September 4, 2011

Anthro Fitting Room Reviews

When we have the time and the content, Kathryn and I like to coordinate and work on posts together - as many of you know - and while this usually goes really smoothly, sometimes...well, sometimes it just doesn't.

Like last night. We were working on this very post, in hopes of publishing it early this morning, when through some maddening quirk of blogger, the entire post disappeared.

The whole. Entire. Thing.

And then, before I could "undo" to try and recover the content, blogger auto-saved the empty post.

The whole thing took place in under a second.


Fortunately, Kathryn hadn't yet written up her reviews, so there wasn't a lot of work to recover there. Unfortunately, I had. I quite literally wanted to bash my head through my desk. My DH, who acts as my IT, wasn't able to offer any solutions. In fact, he made it slightly worse, by saying, "This is why I never draft anything myself, directly in the editor."

He's just lucky I didn't have a death-ray in arm's reach.

Kathryn was totally and completely sympathetic, as all good girlfriends are in situations like this, and we signed off, agreeing that I'd try to rewrite my post the next day (which was actually today). 

I was so demoralized though, I couldn't bring myself to even look at blogger again until early afternoon, when Kathryn and I found each other online again, via AIM, and I suddenly realized that I actually still had all the text of my original draft! You see, I had drafted the post on the first of two computers I own. I had lost the post on my second computer. And, I am notorious (well, in my household, at least) for leaving open basically a million tabs in my browsers at all times, for indefinite periods of time - what my husband terms, "poor computer hygiene." One of those open browser tabs was to blogger's editor - open to the very window in which I had drafted these fitting room reviews, and there, in that window, was the entire text of this post (minus Kathryn's portion and this introduction). 

Needless to say, I was elated and also felt that the whole situation was a validation of my computer hygiene practices, and well, we've now finally put all the pieces together and here we are. 

All this to explain our post from earlier today, featuring a giant emoticon. 

Anyhow, let's get on to the business (bsnss?) at hand - some Anthropologie fitting room reviews (it's been a while, hasn't it?):

When I laid eyes on the Painted Plaid Dress, I was whisked back to a younger version of myself, that was obsessed with The Lord of the Rings, elves, rangers, and the many other denizens of fantasy stories. There's something about the rich, dark colors in this dress that evoke woods, and for me, what follows are brave women and strong men, quests and destinies; epic struggles between the good and evil - yes, I know, that's a lot of subtext for one dress. But I'm fairly certain that this is the sort of thing the female sylvan elves (e.g. Legolas's sisters?) would know, if they were...human in 21st century western civilization...or something like that. Anyway, I saw it, and I could practically smell the pine and the moss and the earthy, rich smells of dense, thick forests. And, despite the fact that it doesn't quite fit, I really love this dress.

But let's get back to the dress itself. I'm wearing it in a size 0. It's a pretty familiar silhouette for Anthro - scoop neck, sleeveless, fitted bodice and waist, full skirt. It hit me just beneath the knee, so it's a touch longer than last year's knee-length dresses. The fabric is substantial and the dress has a firm, structured feel, which is nice to help define and support your shape. The dress has a double-layered underskirt of tulle and lace (see photo, below right) - so pretty and feminine - which gives it a fuller A-line look. It fit me well everywhere, except at the chest/scoop neck, where it definitely gaped on me (see photo, below left). I could easily fix this by taking up the shoulder straps a little. Or, I could hope that the petite version (available for this dress) would be less capacious up top. I think it's worth trying. Definitely wishlisted for sale time. In consideration for full-price purchase.

When the Ihrin Dress popped up online, my curiosity was piqued, as's a shirtdress. I have a couple green shirtdresses already, so thought the purple verion might have promise. I'm wearing the size 0 in the photos above, and it was a snug fit - though, in the interests of full disclosure, that may have something to do with the fact that I've been eating pie on a daily basis for the last week... (*innocent face*). At my more usual weight, I think I wouldn't have any issues with the fit. There was something very retro and vintage about the way this dress is cut - it felt right out of the 50s, and if the skirt had been a couple inches longer (it hit at the top of my knee), it could have been straight out of Mad Men or I Love Lucy. The half-sleeves on this dress are interesting, as there's no fastening for them (and if there were, there'd be no way I could get my arms through the opening) so, your options are to wear the sleeves "open," as in the photo above right, or rolled up...which might look odd. The side zip is also different, as it only zips up 2/3 of the way, and the last third closes with a series of snap buttons. I've never seen that on a dress before, but imagine it prevents the blousier top-half of the bodice from bulging out at the side, due to the stiffness of the zipper, if that makes any sense to you. Overall, I liked this dress enough to see a place for it in my wardrobe. Wishlisted for sale time.

The Bronwen Dress is beautiful on the hanger. The print and the colors are so evocative of the cooler/colder months of the year. But on me, it was all kinds of wrong. I'm wearing this in a size 0, and it was huge on me. The silk chiffon was very flowy, but so much so that it felt like I was just draping and wrapping yards of fabric around myself. The surplice was entirely too low and loose - I had to continuously adjust it, so as not to flash you in the photos. I felt like I was wearing a chiffon robe - and oddly, one made of cobwebs and wet leaves. Sadly, on me, the print wasn't nearly as pretty as it was on the hanger, and it did nothing for me. It's a faux-wrap, with a side zip, and self-belt. There is a petite version of the dress available, but I was just so disappointed by this dress that I don't think I'll bother trying it. Pass, pass, pass.

I picked up the Granite Gilia Pullover to try on, because I was drawn to the pretty flocked gray lace - but forgot that I didn't have any bottoms to try them on with (I was wearing a dress that day, and didn't bring any pants with me into the fitting room to try on). Fortunately(?), I'm short enough that this tunic-length top is almost a mini-dress on me (I swear, I've seen young women wearing shorter dresses than this down in the Gaslamp District on Friday nights - and please, if you're one of those women, don't get any ideas from this review, 'kay?). This top is totally sheer. I think it'd be super cute layered over a cami of a different color or a long-sleeved tee (not white) in cooler temperatures, and with skinny jeans or belted over a flowy skirt. I think I'd have a really hard time resisting this, were it on sale. Hence, wishlisted for sale time.

Hi all! It's me, Kathryn!

Ah, the pretty-pretty On Air Skirt. I tried on a size 4, and it is super, super pretty. The color is similar to last year's Drifting By Dress. As you can see from the photos, the skirt itself is kind of thin and the material is a teeny bit sheer, so I think it'd be tough to tuck anything into it. But I think it would work well with pieces layered over it. It's very flowy and undeniably pretty; however, at almost $200 I think I'd rather have an entire dress.

Okay, I had no idea what the Ensnared Peasant Top was called when I tried it on. When I went home to look up the style name, I had a great laugh with Carol about it as we went back and forth on AIM calling each other "peasant" and daring to "ensnare" one another.

I mean come on. Where did they get the idea for THAT name??

Anyway, it's a perfectly serviceable top. I tried this on in XS and you can see it's very roomy. Overall, I feel like I can find something similar at Forever 21 or H&M for a fraction of the price (even though it's on sale now!), so this top is a pass for me.

As for the Triple Bar Belt, I tried on a size Small and you can see in the one photo that it runs rather big. I had it on the tightest hole and it still felt loose. It's on sale for $19.95 now though, so if you're looking for a quality skinny belt in a variety of colors (and you don't mind punching a few extra holes in it to get it to fit you), it might be a good pick up!

The lovely Sara of You, Me & Anthropologie reviewed this dress here quite awhile ago, but this was my first encounter with this dress. For reference, I tried on a size 4. First things first - I LOVE this colorway. Second, I'm a sucker for a dress with a full skirt. We know this about me, right? Yeah, we do.

I see this dress as a versatile piece. I could see it transitioning well to fall with tights and boots and a blazer (or cardigan) over top, and I could also imagine layering a chunky turtleneck sweater over top while still retaining the fun plaid pattern of the skirt.

There are a couple of drawbacks, however - the bodice gapes on me. I mean really really gapes. Also, being a wrap dress (...why do I imagine Admiral Ackbar yelling, "IT'S A WRAP!" as I type this?) you can imagine that just a little bit of a breeze would cause the skirt to fly open and give you an embarrassing "Marilyn Monroe"-type moment. It's like there's not quite enough material to wrap around, so it might be a little too revealing for comfort.

Overall, I think I could make this dress work. The fabric is heavy and substantial enough to justify at full price, though I think (because of the couple of drawbacks I mentioned) I'll wait and wishlist it for sale.

That's it for now! I have a handful more which I'll hopefully be posting in the next day or two, and in the meantime, we hope you're all having a great Monday - and happy Labor Day to all you Americans, out there!


  1. Ugh, blogger can be so frustrating sometimes! I'm glad the post was recovered.

    Thanks for the reviews, girls!  I really like the look of the lhrin shirtdress, but I'm not so sure about those sleeves.

  2. ack to the blogger! I love the reviews... I was impressed you were going to rock that lace minidress -- and then really happy when you said you'd wear it more like a tunic! 

  3. I hate it when blogger does that!  But I'm glad you ladies were able to post these awesome reviews!

    I love the Ihrin Dress on you!  And the color immediately reminded me of an Ann Taylor Dress I recently had to part ways with because of the length, but this one would be a perfect replacement. 

  4. Those first two dresses are such beautiful colors. Would love to see how the plaid in petite fit on you. Too bad there's no Anthro here, or I'd be tempted to try them on as well. :)

  5. I love the Inrhin shirt dress! In fact it's about the only thing I likowed Antho right now so once this baby is out (4 days overdue now,grrr) I might treat myself to it! Been so out of the loop with reviews this is the first one I've seen so thanks girls!