Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Cheapie-Kat Abides* (just a couple H&M Reviews)

Hi there, Readers!

I hope you're all well!

Well, fall stuff is just piling into stores left and right. And I don't know about all of you, but I swear it feels like H&M has been all sorts of ridiculous lately.

And by "ridiculous," I mean that in a good way. I've been sneaking into their fitting rooms here and there to escape life and try on clothes, but somehow I've never gotten around to posting my finds.

It's like I've got this whole list in my head of things I want to buy (which I refer to as the "List of Things I Want to Buy" or "LOTIWTB" for short), and it grows exponentially every day.

(It is worth noting that this list is different from my "list of the best things in life." Which includes, among other things, your kiss.* Again, I digress.)

I should also explain that I've been feeling...how should I say this...er....cheap lately. I'm a cheapie. Though I'm sure that's not the preferred nomenclature.*

I'm a bargain shopper.

...sometimes. Unless we're talking about shooz.


Here are some snaps from my most recent visit to H&M...

Cardigan - $14.95 (shown in size Small), Skirt - $34.95 (shown in size 6)

True story: there was once a summer when I wore pink everyday. I was a little like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde - pink was my signature color. In many ways, it still is. To this day, whenever I see something in pink - just about any shade of pink - I'm inevitably attracted to it. Such was the case with this blush-y colored cardigan. In fact, H&M has a bunch of stuff in stock right now in this happy color. Blouses, sweaters, dresses - you name it.

The skirt was something I impulsively grabbed because of how I imagined it would look with with the sweater. I really liked how the two pieces looked together, though I must admit I was a little disappointed that the skirt didn't have pockets. See how Anthro has spoiled me? I expect all skirts and dresses to have pockets now. It's a pretty skirt - kind of a plum-brown with pink and orange highlights, a flattering A-line silhouette, bias cut and midi-length. For me, I decided to pass on it and use my $35 to apply towards something else. Like a pretty autumn skirt from Anthro that I don't even know about yet. I mean let's face it, it's only a matter of time until they release some pretty wool skirt (with pockets!) that I have to have, right??

similar-ish color cardigan available here

The cardigan reminds me a lot of my signature Brass Plum 3/4 sleeve jersey cardigan that I always turn to (and own in...4 colors?), though the fit is a bit more boxy and the material isn't quite as soft. I love the color though, and for $14.95 I took this home with me with no regrets.

Polka-Dot Blouse - $24.95 (shown in size 6), Skirt - $29.95 (shown in size 6)

$$$ version of this blouse here

I'd had my eye on this polka dot blouse for several weeks. I even tried it on a couple of times, but I kept walking away from it. Trying to be good, I suppose. But then I spied this outfit of Tien's and decided to give it one more spin - trying to recreate Tien's gorgeous outfit with this belted skirt.

Granted, the Madewell Silk canyon skirt that Tien is wearing is much nicer than the H&M skirt, but for thirty bucks this skirt ain't bad. It comes with the belt and has pockets. The downside is that I think the fabric might wrinkle rather easily. Of course, I might only be saying that because it was totally wrinkled in the store.

Another plus for the Madewell skirt is how it lays nice and flat against the waist whereas this H&M skirt has pleats which poof out a bit.

This color of this H&M skirt is nice though, and I think it makes for a nice neutral for fall. In fact, I thought this color combo was also kind of interesting...

This skirt is definitely on my "think about" pile. Another plus is that it's machine washable, which is a great thing for lazy people like me. ^_-

Striped Sweater - $9.95 (shown in size Medium)

similar, possibly better-fitting version (but more expensive) here

I swear, I've been all about stripes and polka dots lately.

I spied several pieces at H&M that feature these bold horizontal stripes. I grabbed this sweater because it was on a table up front and it was only $9.95.

Hm. Well, it has a boxy silhouette that I'm not particularly a fan of. And it pretty much feels like how you'd think a ten-dollar sweater might feel - kind of thin and kind of itchy. Not a bad piece for the price, but I didn't love it...sooo...yeah. No.

Welp. I hope you all enjoyed my trip to the cheap side of the tracks. How is your fall shopping going? What are you splurging on? What are you saving on?

Answer me, or I'll cry.

Just kidding.



Until next time. Thank you so much for reading! And if you should feel so inclined, please sing along with me:


*I seem to be a teeny tiny bit obsessed with The Big Lebowski at the moment, as well as Hall & Oates. But who's counting? I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos.


  1. Oh my God, don't get me started on H&M at the moment. I've spent as much as I usually spend at Anthro there over the last month or so (hello nude skirt and amazing polka-dot wide legged trousers!). They definitely have an Anthro vibe at the moment. 
    I'm loving all the nude and neutral pieces there at the moment but heard a friend dissing it as '90s' - what? really? Sigh.

  2. i just saw that skirt at anthro, but i was too lazy to try anything on - now i am wishing i did!! looks great!

  3. "Smoky, this isn't 'Nam.  This is bowling.  There are rules."  :)  LOVE ME a good Lebowski quote!

  4. Oh I love that polka dot top. Looks like a $90 top I rejected at JCrew this weekend!

  5. Lol, every time I work at home in my bathrobe, my husband calls me the big lebowski. The movie also started my obsession with White Russians.

  6. I really like the two pairings of the pink cardi with both skirts.  They work very well together and I must say you have a knack for pairing things.  Both skirts look like something Anthro would have released, but with pockets and higher quality. 

  7. That polka dot shirt is so pretty.
    I saw that stripey sweater's twin at Old Navy this weekend, but although I have a stripes obsession I didn't try it on ... looked way too boxy.

  8. *sigh* everytime i see another H&M fitting room review, i feel sad...because i love what's in store but unable to purchase anything due there being no H&M Stores in Australia. Whenever i'm overseas, I always seem to walk out with something when i visit H&M...wish they'd open a store down under!

  9. I am loving the polka blouse with the full skirt - oh I totally think you should get both (yes, enabler here ...)!

  10. Love that polka dot blouse. And I bought a similar striped sweater recenty @ the Gap for half-off. I love it and can't wait to wear it!!