Friday, September 30, 2011

Made For Good (Jedidiah and an OOTD)

A couple of weeks ago, I won my first Twitter contest - hosted by Jedidiah, a local San Diego clothing company. What did I win? This adorable t-shirt, featuring an equally adorable illustration of a glasses-wearing-woman (whoo!) accompanied by the phrase, "all dolled up."

Can I digress for a second here? The illustration has a suspicious resemblance to blogger, Keiko Lynn, if anyone were to ask me. Not that anyone is. Just sayin'.

Okay, so back to the topic at hand. Which is Jedidiah, and humanitarian-based companies who practice social entrepreneurship - basically, the principles of working to advance social and environmental causes through the use of entrepreneurial practices. There are a lot of companies, like Nordstrom and Anthropologie, for instance, who espouse particular causes and make an effort to run campaigns or promotions that support those causes. And then, there are whole companies, like Jedidiah and TOMS, whose entire purpose is to support a cause or specific non-profits. In the years that Jedidiah's been on my radar (brought to my attention by Nordstrom, who hosted a custom screen-printing event in the Fashion Valley store a couple years ago, and who also sells Jedidiah merchandise in their stores), I know that they've worked a lot with youth-related charities and organizations - in fact, they're currently partnering with Stand Up For Kids, an organization that works to help homeless teenagers and at-risk youth. The proceeds from the vast majority of their merchandise will go directly to this organization, to support their important and necessary work.

Pants: Minnie in Stretch Twill, J. Crew
Shoes: Suede Platform Pumps, Miu Miu (similar here, here, and here)
Necklace: Hang in There Glasses Pendant, Kate Spade

I love the idea that I can leverage my shopping dollar to kill two birds with one stone - 1) find and acquire cute clothes and accessories and 2) help bring about positive change in the world. I don't know about you, but I'm often conflicted about prioritizing my wardrobe over helping those in need, and am always enormously grateful when I find companies like Jedidiah, who make things super easy for me. Check out their online store - there are some great tees and jackets for guys (there's a jacket I've got my eye on for my DH) and tons of cute graphic tees for women.

Oh, and speaking of cute graphic tees - I've heard it said that women in their 30's (and older) shouldn't wear graphic tees anymore. What do you think? Yes? No? Maybe? (I'm straddling maybe, myself...).

Thanks for reading, and hope you're having a great Friday!


  1. very pretty,darling! xooo

  2. 1) THANK YOU for showcasing Jedidiah. I'm new to this label, but I love hearing about organizations like this giving back. We have to power to shop wisely and consciously, so why don't we? *eyes JCPenney hatefully*

    2) No way, I plan on wearing graphic tees til I die. They look effortlessly chic when paired with ... not your holey jeans from high school.

  3. You look so cute, Carol! Great tshirt. Congrats on the win! And I GASPED when I saw those shoes. Gorgeous!

  4. That sounds like a completely random rule. I suppose it partly depends on the graphic!

  5. I'm 33, but I still love my cute graphic tees. :) Your outfit doesn't scream "I'm trying to dress young" thanks to the bright but sophisticated pant, chic necklace and great heels. So, I think matching them up with the right items makes them a fun and appropriate addition to your wardrobe.