Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Research" (Fitting Room Reviews)

Over last weekend,  I took some time to do some "research" on some of my fall trend wishlist items. My two major stops included J. Crew and Anthropologie. It's taken me the whole week to write them up and post them here, but better late than never. Here's what I found:

I can't help it. I love shirtdresses. I mean, love them. So, when I saw the Blythe Shirtdress pop up on J. Crew's website last week, I near about swooned. And then I pulled myself together. And then I saw it in the window of the store yesterday, when I was there to do "research" on the Minnie. And I went weak-in-the-knees. Fortunately, the store was out of my size in this budget-busting dress, but I did try it on, just to see. I think I'd need this dress in a 0 - in the photos above, I'm wearing the Navy in a size 00 (which is too small - if I moved my arms at all, the buttons pulled terribly) and a size 4 in the Poppy (way too big, and for some reason, my camera was completely ineffective at rendering the color correctly. See the product page here, to get a better sense of this vibrant color). Not pictured is the size 2 that I tried on - also too big. If I do end up purchasing this dress, I'm leaning towards the Poppy. Wishlisted for sale (if it makes it).

Tippi Sweater and Minnie Pant in Stretch Twill:

Here, I'm wearing the Tippi Sweater in an XS and the Minnie in Stretch Twill in a size 4. The XS was a good fit for me, for the Tippi Sweater. I probably could have worn an XXS, but liked the comfortable, slightly roomier fit of the XS. The size 4 Minnie was, unsurprisingly, way too big - but I wanted to try it on to get a sense of the color on me. The red is very bright (the name "vibrant flame" is no exaggeration) and I might even describe it in as neon. Still, I loved it - so much so that when I got home and found that size 0 and 2 were both backordered 'til mid October, I called CS and asked them to place a locator order for them. I have a size 2 on its way to me, even as I type. I'm still waiting to hear regarding the 0, and might need to call tomorrow and see if there's been any progress on that size. When I get the two sizes in hand, I'll try them on and report back to you, regarding fit. Super excited!

After my adventures trying on all the wrong sizes in J. Crew, I had much better luck finding my sizes in stock at Anthropologie. In these photos, I'm wearing the Outlined Celandine Cardi in an XS. The cardigan is fantastic - I love it. I don't know what else to say about it, besides to note that it's got a fantastic lining (sleeves not lined - see photo far below). It fit me perfectly. I want it. At full price, it still seems pretty expensive, and while the current 25% off on sweaters promotion at Anthro knocks off a nice $37 off the price, it's still well over my allowable budget for a cardigan, right now. It's definitely wishlisted for sale time though (which is when, hopefully, it'll be priced in the double and not triple digit range). 

I tried the AG Stevie (both the red and the green) in size 25. Both pairs fit me very well. As mentioned in other blogs, the red is faded - not the vibrant, saturated red of the Minnie. It's a much more subtle look, but for me, I decided I'd go with the Minnie instead, as the AG Stevie is decidedly casual, and I want an option that I can dress up (maybe even wear to work) a little more. The green, pictured below, is not faded at all, but is a really bright, pretty, kelly green. I pretty much loved these. I know green is not nearly as trendy right now as the reds are, but in some ways, I think that it'll be easier for me to find things to wear with the green in my closet. That being said, AG Stevies are not cheap (another plus for the Minnie, which at full price is near half the price of the AG Stevie) - I bought my cord versions on sale last winter, and I think that I'll have to wait for a similar circumstance for these, this year. Wishlisted for sale time!

Detail of Outlined Celandine Cardi's lining.

Paneled Leather Midi, Reversible Seamless TankPoetic License Oxfords:

I don't think these Poetic License oxfords are still available on Anthro's website, but they had a pair in size 6.5 at the Fashion Valley store as of last weekend. I'm going to guess they run small, because they fit my feet perfectly, and I usually wear a size 6. They're super cute and very comfy. Personally, I'm on the lookout for a slightly more contemporary style of shoe, but if you're looking for something quirky with interesting details, these are a great choice.

In the photos above and below, I'm wearing the Paneled Leather Midi by Leifsdottir. Every fall, the fashion industry pulls out the leather skirt and declares it to be a "must have," and an "essential." I've never been remotely tempted to buy one though, until now. This skirt is...well, it's a full midi skirt, made of leather. I found it to be much less glossy than it appears in the product shot on Anthro's site, and surprisingly neutral. There's a back zipper, no pockets, and it hit well below (maybe 2 inches) my knee. I really like it, but it's a pricey item that I didn't budget for, and buy it would mean forgoing other things. And I'm not convinced it would get that much rotation in my fall/winter wardrobe. I may be wrong, though, and willing to give it my consideration in the meantime. Wishlisted for sale.

I'm also wearing the Reversible Seamless Tank, in size Small. There's not much to say about it, and I only grabbed it because I needed a layering piece to wear under the next item...

Bailong Pullover (in violet) & Disconnected ZigZags Scarf

This is the Bailong Pullover in Violet, which is not easily found on Anthro's website, for some reason. To be honest, I wouldn't have given this sweater a second look, if it wasn't for the way it had been styled (with the leather skirt and the Missoni scarf) in the store's window. I love this entire look. The soft, sheer violet plays wonderfully off the black leather, and the scarf - oh, the scarf! I have to admit something here, which will probably earn me the contempt of some, but...well...I've never been that much of a Missoni fan. Don't get me wrong, I've really like the odd dress or skirt I've seen here and there. And yes, I'll be staking out my local Target come Tuesday morning, to get first dibs on the Missoni for Target goodies. But yeah, it's never been a "stop my breath/quicken my pulse" sort of brand for me.

At least, not until now. This scarf - this Disconnected Zig Zags Scarf (okay, really? That's the best they could come up with?) is possibly the most beautiful scarf I've ever seen. And as you can see in the photo above, it pretty much makes this entire outfit. Seriously. It pulls it all together. I need this scarf in my life. The colors are perfect. It's big (82" x 20.25"), and feels substantial, but is light, and drapes easily. Did I mention the colors are perfect? Yes, they are. Perfect. Wishlisted. Just like that. Wishlisted.

Have a great Saturday, and thanks for reading!


  1. Ohh, I just love that Outlined Celandine Cardi.  Thanks for the detail shot of the lining, too.  A triple-digit cardi is out of my price range too, so I'll have to keep an eye on this one and wait for one (or two) markdowns.

  2. Oooh, I love the leather midi on you, I hadn't even noticed that one before. I love the way it looks but I worry that whilst leather seems to come in every other season, the 'midi' isn't so reliable...

    Those shoes are adorable on you too! I have them in the yellow and love them.

  3. That scarf looks so great on you!  I wouldn't have given it a second look without seeing it on you first.  I love the AG stevies.  I bought the pair in green and love, love, love them.  I will hardly buy any other jeans then AG because they are just so comfortable and flattering.  I haven't liked my minnies as much but they just don't fit as well.  The waist is tight and they are too loose in the hips.  I'm glad they work for you though. (:  Designers have a lot to think about when making a pair of pants to try to fit as many body types as possible!

  4. My favorite item from this review is the green AG stevie! you look amazing in skinny pants! 

  5. Love, love, love AG Stevie Ankle in red and Outlined Celandine Cardi on you. LOVE!

  6. Thanks for taking one for the team and going in to do this research!  I absolutely am in love with the leather midi/white tank/red shoes combo!!!  Uh oh!  and the skirt looks adorable with the lavender oversized suddly sweater and missoni (sigh) scarf!  Oops! 

  7. Thanks for these detailed reviews. The red Minnies look great on you (even if they are a little big). I spotted the Celandine cardigan during my last trip to Anthro and it's gorgeous but ow, the price! As a Canadian, I am beyond envious of people who get to go to Target next Tuesday to check out the Missoni stuff!! 

  8. I love the Minnies on you!! I'm happy for you that you found a size 2 (good luck on finding size 0!)
    I love the AG's too but I agree the price is a bit ouch!! I think I will wait until sale but size 25 will most likely be gone by then?!

  9. Those green pants are fantastic! And I love that cardigan (inside and out). :)

  10. That leather skirt looks AMAZING on you Carol! I would never think to try one on myself, but now I'm a bit curious. Oh, and I want that zig zag scarf NOW!