Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So September (Wishlist Updates)

Can you believe we've come to the end of September? We have. It's true. And I am in disbelief. With October right around the corner, it's time for Kathryn and I to do some assessing and updating on our shopping wishlists. And I've gotta say, after the hard work I did, chipping away at my lists in the last month and a half, I think a shopping break/ban looms on the horizon for me. (eep!)

Carol's Full-Priced List
1. TOMS wedges (still on my list - I'll get them eventually but not in any real hurry. In gray, I think...unless I get them in red...or the striped.)
2. Still want some Boyfriend Cardigans (of varying colors - I haven't yet decided which specific ones, but these are in the running: Tory Burch Simone Cardigan, Eden Cardigan, Cocoon Cardigan, Grandfather Cashmere Cardigan)

Carol's Sale-Priced List
1. Button Regalia Boots (currently on sale...but still pricey. Still deliberating...)
2. Colette Dress (Future:Standard - now on sale, but have I waited too long? Is this something I can successfully transition for cooler weather? Not sure...)
3. Sophia Dress (On sale now!!! A future:standard pick that I love! Review here)
4. AG Stevie in green (waiting, waiting...)
5. Seeing Spots Shorts (still waiting, but interest is seriously waning at this point. How many more days of warm weather are left this year? Not that many, Anthro!)
6. Drybar 12-Pack of Blowouts (erm...this counts as a "sale" item, because I get a discount by buying in bulk...right?)

Carol's List of Things She Already Has (and needs to remember when wanting new things)
1. Take Action Dress (in the blue)
2. Marc Jacobs Karlie in Blush (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale exclusive: sold out, but similar here and here)
3. Trina Turk Ponte Knit Boot Skirt
4. Trina Turk Dame Blouse (ended up returning it to the store, due to sizing issues - even the size 0 was too big for me.)
5. Printed Boy Tee, Stripes (in the green motif. Scored on sale! Yay!)
6. Gull Wing Dress (picked this up on second cut! Wore it a couple times, but didn't have time to take OOTD photos...)
7. Trench Coat Skirt (decided to return this. Because I ended up getting...)
8. Unconditional Osier Dress ('nuff said.)
9. Tod's Leather Bootie (was able to get them price-matched, which took the edge off and used up my stash of Nordstrom Notes on them too. Phew!)
10. J. Crew Skinny Calf Hair Belt
11. J. Crew Minnie Stretch Twill Pant (in vibrant flame - love these!)
12. J. Crew Tippi Sweater (in viridian green)

Hmm...I don't know about you, but I'm thinking I could use an "austerity regimen" for my October and November shopping, haha. Though, I may need to pick up that Sophia Dress first...(and then a shopping break, honest! After all, the holidays are rapidly approaching...)

Hey look, it's another wishlist!

It's funny, things get cyclical don't they? I remember this point last year it was like everything I wanted had a full skirt and now...this year? Not so much. Which is fine, it leaves room for other things. And we are ever-evolving, eh? ^_-

So I think for this fall, my buzz word might be "pencil"...inspired a bit by this look here:

Angelina Jolie in The Tourist

...what a lovely look, eh? Oh my goodness, I love it. I didn't grab a great full-body shot of this, but she's sporting a slim silhouette here and I'm in love with it. I'm determined to recreate this sleek look for myself this fall...somehow.

Kathryn's Full-Priced List
1. Whatever the Heck This Coat Roxy Is Wearing Is Called (seriously, what is this? Does it even exist?)
2. J.Crew Teddie Dress (so classic - I feel like I could wear this forever! )
3. J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Vintage Tweed (backordered forever, but it's pink and I WANT! )
4a. J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Vibrant Flame (if I don't go for red jeans, I'll go for a skirt instead?)

...or wait, do I want...

5. Pointy-toed nude flats, either these REPORT Grover Flats or these Me Too Paige Patent Leather Flats (just been obsessed with the idea of pointy-toed nude flats lately)

Kathryn's "Shoot for the Stars" List (intended for daydreams, not necessarily reality)
1. Christian Louboutin Pigalle (it's ridiculous, but I've lusted over that red sole for awhile now)
2. Herve Leger Zip-Front Bandage Dress (I really want to own a Herve someday)

Kathryn's Sale-Priced List
1. Free People Floating City Cape (I've made it this long without it, I can make it longer?)
2. Trenchcoat Skirt (I've yet to try this, but I'm still intrigued)
3. Quantum Blouse (in the red motif...still intrigued)
4. Vince Camuto "Jordy" Boot (should've probably picked these up earlier, but...)
5. Arden B. Bandage High Waist Dress (an alternative to buying a Herve)

Kathryn's List of Things She Already Has (and has to remember when wanting new things)
1. Jimmy Choo Phoenix Espadrilles (we all know I caved in on these awhile ago and tried to wear them every chance I got before fall hit, right?)
2. Modcloth Hepcat Dress in Black Licorice (grabbed when my size finally showed up!)
3. Hinge Cowlneck Poncho (Anniversary Sale pick-up)
4. Nordstrom Collection Knit Ruana with Faux Fur Collar (Anniversary Sale pick-up)
5. Ivanka Trump Asteria Sandal (what's funny is, like #3 and #4, I've yet to wear these! ) there you go. Those are the wishlists for now. I may need to pick up something for myself soon, as I'm feeling a little blue over my little-guy-hockey-player-crush Dan Sexton being sent down to the minor leagues. I don't imagine I'll be seeing him in an Anaheim uniform anytime soon. Not the most surprising development ever, but I'm still a little sad about it.

At least I got to say "bye" to him before he left...

Sexton, working the concession stand as a "celebrity employee" prior to a preseason game (and smiling at me in the process *swoon*)
Photo courtesy of Krystle Suetani

Well...sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes they get sent down to Syracuse instead.*

*girlish sigh*

Oh, and for those of you who happen to be wondering - yes, I do plan on selling my Rensselaer T-Straps. So stay tuned!

And as always, thanks so much for reading!

*apologies to Adele for the lyric butchering


  1. Hi Kathryn! - I have been eyeing the Floating City Cape since I saw Chloe (Conspiracy) mention it as one of her picks.  I think I have traced it to the Australian designer Staple the Label (  And, it is also on the Asos site here (, although the buttons looked a little askew, but I think it is the same cape.  And, it is about $100 off the Free People price until Friday just a little FYI for you!  

    Oh, and hi Carol!  =)

  2. Hi Fizzy!  =D  (Great sleuthing skills, by the way!)

  3. I want that coat that Roxy is wearing too!  Watch that coat be like $500.
    Great picks ladies!

  4. love the sophia dress @ FS!

  5. Carol - you MUST get the TOMS wedges.
    Kathryn - you MUST get the Teddie dress.
    The end :)