Saturday, September 3, 2011

Taking Stock (Before I'm Completely Busted)

It's September, and the Fall Fashion Gimmes have hit me really hard. I'm completely and totally overwhelmed by all the things that have been added to and are currently tumbling around my mental "Things to Get" list. I need to write them down and sort them out and make some decisions, because if I just got everything I wanted, my budget would be SO far blown, it's not even worth mentioning.

I know, I know. This really shouldn't be so hard. Sadly, for me, it is.

Okay, so let's break this up by trend/category:


I wrote in an earlier post about my long search for the perfect leopard flat (oh, and I should mention that I've got a couple other options to add to my list of possibilities: the Kate Spade "Eryn" Calf Hair Flat and the Loeffler Randall "Quinnie" Pointed Toe Flat). But there are one or five other things that I've been eyeing as well...


Whenever fall rolls around the shoe that comes to everyone's mind is usually the boot. I've worn my old Apeppazza Martin boots for a couple years now, and sadly, they're starting to bear the signs of my love. I plan to take them to my local cobbler to see if he might be able to resurrect them. But in case he can't, I'm keeping an eye out for a replacement boot. Not to mention that I'm just seriously in love with the Regalia Button Boot from Anthro...


When temperatures turn cooler, who doesn't think of sweaters? I pretty much want the Tippi Sweater in every color it comes in. And how perfect would the Outlined Celandine Cardi look with my various and sundry skirts (and even some bright red pants)? Mmhm, that's what I think too...

Colored Pants

So, at first, I thought I for sure wanted the AG Stevies in red. Then I thought, well, maybe green would be easier to wear. Then I saw the Minnies in Vibrant Flame, which I (rather bizarrely) LOVE, and part of me wonders, maybe I just need to tone it down and stick with Warm Redwood, if I want to do any sort of colored pant...

So these are some of the items that have been tumbling around in my head, trying to gain traction over other like items. What do you think - which of these do you think I should go with in each category? (Please, please chime in. Help a sister out.) And what new fall stuff are you currently craving?


  1. out of leopard, i love 1/2/3, which are inevitably all jcrack aren't they? for boots, the fryes are my fave.  wooo the colored pants is a toughie, i like all of them, but since i own the stevies i should vouch for them. sorry i'm not much help. 

  2. Great choices! No wonder you can't decide! I love the belt out of the leopard. The regalia's are just SO beautiful. I say go for the vibrant flame pants. I love all of them, but I am just afraid the super bright denim will be a short lived fad and I think the vibrant flame color will last much longer. I want to try Forever 21 for some colored denim. Can't wait to see what you choose!

  3. I just bought 4 new pairs of pants/trousers for the fall, so I completely blew my budget.  I told my partner that I do want a purple or burgundy skirt or sweater AND I really want these Born oxfords in brown.
    I have to say that the leopard skirts are pretty cool...
    One place that I like for boots is Garnet Hill.  It has some clothing items that are a bit frumpy, but I really love their shoe selection.
    Good luck!

  4. I totally know what you mean!  All of a sudden, there are a million colours and shapes I love and I can't even wrap my head around it enough to put together a coherent edited wishlist! The coloured pants is a must, but which ones?  I like the suggestion to get some cheap denim ones from F21 and then maybe play with some minnies.  Apparently last year they had the twill in a henna or something?  I should have gotten those- the wool feels really luxe, but also quite itchy!

    I love that leopard belt!

  5. I hear ya, sista!  I think from the leopard category-the flats or j.crew pencil skirt, tall boots-the madewell pair...hmmm..I think I want them, too!! :), sweater-the tippi or the DVF (actually h&m has a great alt. to this in camel or navy-slouchy and chic, I bought both at $20ea after seeing it on 9to5chic), colored denim-go for the red denim! 

  6. I've been considering the pants in color trend as well.  I'm so bad with color-blocking though!  I'm with you on the red though.  I bet the red is the easiest color to begin with.  Can't wait to see you do the color-blocking thing though.

  7. I thought I had a long wishlist, you've just added a few more. Lots of lovely ideas.
    After a year of waiting I finally ordered these boots in the brown.
    I can't wait to try them.

  8. Love the Minnie bi-stretch wool in warm redwood and the Madewell boots! Madewell has a 30% sale on boots this weekend!

  9. I like a leopard accessory-for me the best way to get a trend is with something small.  Love boots but it looks like you have to decide if you're going for a riding boot or a high wedge.  Sweaters - you can't go wrong with any of these.  My list has sweater dresses, a red or cranberry blazer, or dress, the origami shift at J Crew-although I don't need it and a low heeled shoe I can wear with skirts and opaque hose.  Good luck.

  10. I want colored jeans so bad, but I think they are so trendy that I can't bring myself to do it. I thought about getting a pair at Forever 21, but then I feel like I'm just giving into consumerism and that I need to refrain. 

  11. I LOVE those Madwell boots. I have been looking for an alternative to the Frye Melissa Riding Boot (can't afford to spend $400 on boots!), and these just might be it! Thanks for all the suggestions! I also really like the Minnie Pants in Vibrant Flame. They're super cute!

  12. Love all of your choices Carol! I just bought a leopard belt that I LOVE from Nordy! Its leopard on one side and patent black on the other (reversible!). You may want to check it out :)

  13. I like leopard accessories the best, personally, as they never go out of style. I have the leopard calf hair belt from J. Crew and love it! Personally I like the Frye boots the best (and they will last forever), but I guess it depends if you want a flat boot or a wedge. I already caved on the Tippi in 3 colours - you will want to size down to an XXS for sure (I did and I am usually a 2 in blouses), it is such a great basic and looks lovely with every single thing I've tried pairing it with. I love all of the coloured pants, but I think the Minnies will be in style for a lot longer than the coloured denim. I just bought the Pilcro Stet's in "red" (more of a rusty pink) - they were priced a bit better than the AGs and I think the colour is a bit more neutral. I tried to find some cheap coloured denim at F21 and H&M but the fit was terrible and unflattering.

  14. I love those Kate Spade leopard flats! I have also been looking for the perfect pair and I think these are it. I just called Nordies and they told me no stores have them yet. I can't wait to try these on! :)

  15. Oh, thanks for the tip, Pamela. I'm going to go check out H&M to see if I can find those sweaters. Never mind that we have temperatures forecasted in the 80s for this coming week... ;)

  16. Ooh, those boots are lovely! You're going to have so many great outfit possibilities with those this fall/winter!

  17. Hi Carol, I totally agree about feeling overwhelmed!! Especially with all your choices being so cute!! Like Caitlin also suggested, definitely get a leopard accessory! I have a leopard belt that I've been using for over 10 years!! I also love the Outlined Celandine Cardigan. Did you see the inner side of the cardigan?! Not like anyone will really see the inside when your wearing it, but little details intrgue me. And yes, it will look awesome with red pants!!

  18. I just live the Outlined Celadone Cardi. Saw it in person a day or so ago. One if the managers mentioned she was going to have buttons put on the otherwise so she could wear it reversed. Hmmmm

    You must have something leopard and between a leopard scarf I've had for prob 10 years, I also have a skinny belt as well.

    Then I vote for Frye boots!

    And, that Cardi will be fab with the red pants!