Sunday, October 2, 2011

Who Wears Tablecloths to Hockey Games? This Girl! (OOTD)

Happy Sunday, Y'all!

Seems like everyone around me is sick lately, and as a result I've been spending an extended amount of time cuddled up in bed. And when I'm not cuddled under the covers, you might find me on the couch nuzzled up with my favorite stuffed anteater watching reruns of Law & Order. (the original is my personal preference...was there ever a hotter DA than Jack McCoy? I don't think so.)

Though I did manage to make my way off the couch when my phone jingled at me with the offer of free hockey tickets last week.

For the occasion, I decided to pull out my cowl neck poncho that I purchased back in...oh...July. A Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchase I'd almost completely forgotten about.

As it turns out, I think my brain was on the same wavelength as Pamela's last Wednesday.

LinkHinge Cowl Neck Poncho (2011 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchase)
Forever 21 Skinnies
Frye "Jane" Boots
Oh, Hello Friend Pocketwatch Necklace
Francecsa's Collections Dazzling Diva Cuff (similar here)

Like others out in the blogosphere, I worry that wearing a poncho makes me look like I'm wearing a tablecloth or something. But I have to admit I liked the drapey, flowy comfort of it. I kept thinking that it appealed to my Star Wars something you'd see the ladies wearing on Tatooine, to protect themselves from the sun and wind. And stuff.

And so, tablecloths be darned. I like my poncho.

Me = #nerd

Thanks for putting up with my nerdy escapades, and I hope you have a great day!



  1. lol - even though I'm straight, I think Alex Cabot (SVU) gives him a run for his money :)

  2. . Love the outfit, however I'm not really ready 4 the cold weather n boots...:( I want summer stay here 4eva! ;)

  3. oooh!  I like your poncho!  Thanks for the shout out.  We were totally on the same wavelength!  I almost wore mine again with my F21 skinnies and Frye boots! But it ended up getting a tad too warm for my knit.  YOURS would have been perfect for our weekend weather! 

  4. I swear, your posts are my favorite - fashion mixed with Star Wars?  Awesome...

  5. I think ponchos are great! They're comfy and cute hehe. :D
    Feel better!

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  6. Love Jack McCoy.  

  7. You are way too cute! And that poncho is adorable and looks very comfy!