Saturday, October 15, 2011

Working It: What's Your Type? (OOTD)

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a great weekend. It was a light posting week for us here - work has been super busy for me, but I have to say, it's also been pretty exciting. I'm starting to feel recharged and excited about what I'm doing, which is a really great feeling.

For all of us, regardless of our chosen occupations - be it full-time professional, working mom, stay-at-home mom, part-timer, or student (haha, some of us are quite gifted at making an entire career of this ^_-) it matters that what you're doing resonates with you and aligns itself to 1) your goals and values, and 2) your temperament, talents, and other more intrinsic attributes. While neither of these things are particularly fixed or static, it helps to be able to get a snapshot of what they are to help us better assess what may or may not be working for us in finding satisfaction and meaning in our jobs.

There are a lot of tools out there that can help you do this, and I'll be mentioning at least a couple of them  in this series. The first - and one of the best known - is the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI). Based on the work of Carl Jung, it seeks to measure and identify the psychological preferences of individuals that influence how they see the world and make decisions. The MBTI sorts these preferences into four dichotomous pairs (Extraversion or Introversion, Sensing or Intuition, Thinking or Feeling, and Judgment or Perception), resulting in a total of 16 possible types. These types aren't totally fixed, and in some people, can change over the years.

If you don't know your type yet, you can take a free online version of the test here. For more information about the different types and how they see/interact with the world, there's a pretty good website on it here. Also, if you want to read more in-depth on the Myers-Brigg types and how they interact with each other, I recommend David Kiersey's Please Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, Intelligence. It's fascinating stuff (if you find this sort of thing fascinating. Clearly, I do). 

So my type? I'm an ENFP - extraversion, intuition, feeling, and perception. I love being around and with people. I'm pretty darn idealistic - and I'm usually pretty vocal about it. I'm fairly open-minded, and find interest in a variety of issues, ideas, and content areas. I'm also more messy than neat, more likely to be diplomatic or spare someone's feelings, than be blunt and (harshly) truthful, easily distracted (because everything is interesting!), impulsive, and goofy. I hate routine, repetitive tasks (housekeeping is anathema!) and love big ideas (hence my fangirl tendencies about TED). 

Top: Silk Blouse, Ports 1961 (similar here, here, and here)
Pants: Wide-leg denim trousers, Tory Burch 
Necklace: Hang In There Glasses Pendant, Kate Spade
Shoes: Platform Clog Sandals, Givenchy
Watch: Crystal Chronograph Watch, Michael Kors (and on sale here!)

So, what about you? What's your type? 


  1. Oh I love the MBTI.  I think it really helps you understand someone else.  I am an ISTJ and like you, my husband is my exact opposite, an ENFP.  I think realizing and accepting how we are so different at the core has really helped our marriage.  There are times when I think "Wow why does he do that" and then I read up on ENFP characteristics and get some clues.  I too, find it fascinating!  I'm looking forward to what else you have planned for this series!  :)

  2. I love Myers-Briggs! I am a strong INTJ by most tests, and the description matches me very well. The type logic description fits me absolutely. Perfectly. Like, scarily well given how "weird" I've always felt in my personality quirks.

  3. I always wondered about that test, and was actually talking about it this summer with my father-in-law in (my manfriend is very like his mother, so usually while they're having an argument in another room the two of us will have our own talks, since we're more alike!)- I've never taken it, so I just did from the link and I think I just confused it.  Definitely an introvert- I guess an INTP, though very slight for most of them!

    But what you're wearing?  Totally my type.  even though I always wear dresses.  I really adore the new silk 'constellation' blouse at anthro...that might be a way to recreate this...!

  4. I have taken this a few times in the last decade and my type has not changed. I am INFP. 

    I love your outfit today. The wide leg pants look terrific with a looser silk blouse. :)

  5. I've been an INFP since first taking the test at age 13, and I fit the description exactly.  Having dated another INFP, it definitely had its ups and downs-- we're both really empathetic, so we could sense each other's needs, but our levels of needing assurance and disliking change made it too hard to stay together long-distance. 

    I'm loving the wide-leg trousers on you!

  6. I did the online test a while ago and my type is ISFJ - Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judgment. Apparently I'm very Loyal. Also known as a Conservator which is very suitable considering my occupation. Thanks for sharing your type and some insight into your personality. I love that you're more messy than neat :) And of course I love this blouse!

  7. I'm either an INTP or an INTJ, depending - the point difference for me is so very small (and both descriptions sound so much like me) that I think they're equally accurate. Funnily enough, I'm neither a scientist nor an academic (though I suppose I could still end up the latter, and I do joke about someday being an old Cambridge professor with elbow patches and a million cats, and dying when my bookshelves finally overflow and collapse on me) - I'm a musician, a job which they seem to think belongs to another personality type altogether. :p

    Joining in the outfit love today! You have a way of wearing fashions I've previously thought unwearable, and making me dramatically reconsider. (: Your wide-leg trousers are glorious!

  8. I love this look! Love the blouse, the flared jeans, the necklace... everything. You look great

  9. I currently test either ENTJ or ENTP. I used to test an I (I was really socially awkward growing up), but now I test a strong E. And I tested F for a long time, but finally faced the fact that I'm actually a T with type-envy. :)

  10. I really really love this. what a cute outfit. I did myers bring last year but I can't remember what I am. curious...might have to retake the test. 

  11. ended up re-taking the test. I am almost the same as you: ENFJ. Apparently my calling was politics or teaching. Who knew? Thanks for posting. I love this sort of thing. 

  12. Hello!  Found your blog after googling the Kate Spade Hang In There necklace!  I love it with this outfit.  I must admit that your posts have inspired me to bite the bullet.  

    Great post about personality types; it's been a while since I've taken these!

    gold N turquoise

  13. Has anyone found knowing their type useful in any way? I've been testing as an INFP (or INTP, less often) since a teen, and I'm 31 now. Actually I'm surprised at how many INFPs are blog readers here! Know your type - er, audience - indeed. ;-)