Wednesday, November 23, 2011

For the Analog-Aficionado (Holiday Gift Guide 2011)

It's holiday shopping time! I don't know about you, but I love holiday shopping. Sure, I don't love the crowds, the maddeningly disordered stores and displays, or having to wrap box after box afterwards. But I do love making up my lists, researching through catalogs, magazines, and blogs for gift suggestions, and finding that "just right" gift for someone on my list. Last year, we wanted to provide a gift guide, but just didn't get around to it, due to poor planning, etc. This year, though, I decided it'd be a good way to ease into my own holiday shopping.

And besides, it's an excuse to come up with random "types" of people for whom we may be shopping. 

So, without further ado, here's the first part of the In Pursuit of Pretty Things 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.

For the Analog-Aficionado in Your Life:

1. Paper Flavor Stationery - Made of paper! For use with pens and pencils! Can be placed in the post! - and the illustrations from Paper Flavor are ridiculously cute. I've already ordered the Nerd Girl thank you cards for myself (glasses! - if you do something nice for me, expect to receive one soon!). You can get $20 off an order of personalized holiday cards with the promo code: PFELVES20.

2. Orla Kiely Small Journals - Like #1, also made of paper! Can be used with pens and pencils, and used to store notes, ideas, and other outpourings of the self, without fear of hard-drive failure! Added bonus - pretty covers featuring Orla Kiely designs we've all come to know and love.

3. Moleskine Volant Notebook Ruled: Set of 2 - These slim little notebooks come in a variety of colors (I favor the pink and green shades myself...) and are perfect for slipping into your handbag (you can pretty much count on me having one in my purse at any given time). Comes in handy for lists, taking notes, and jotting down thoughts and ideas. The last few pages of each book are perforated, so that you can easily tear out sheets, should you wish to pass a note to someone else. Comes in super handy when dining out, and the kids need to be entertained - the tear-out sheets are great for drawing on, creating paper hats, folding origami, etc.

4. SE 11 Function Credit Card Size Survival Pocket Tool - It isn't just the guys who need to be prepared. And this one, with it's slim profile and discreet case, won't leave you feeling like you're lugging around a tool box.

5. Crosley CR40 Mini-Turntable (Red) - I know that technology has rendered listening to music via digital formats super high fidelity, but I actually love the crackling static that accompanies listening to music on vinyl. There's something just so...comforting about the sound. Sort of like memories of riding my bike - the pink one with the banana seat and white plastic basket adorned with three plastic daisies - down the street when I was 9 yrs old, with my little sister sitting on the back around my neighborhood. Or eating coconut-pineapple ice cream from Thrifty's. Oh, and I love the mid-century modern aesthetic of this particular turntable.

6. Lomography Diana Mini- 35mm Camera - It's a camera that uses film that isn't disposable! Remember these? (I suppose if you're under 25, you actually might not...which is a little mortifying for me....) Anyway, you know the hipstamatic and instagram apps that are so popular right now for their "retro film processing" looks? This is the original - sort of. It uses 35mm, rather than the better known medium format - but look. If you've never used actual film before, it's better to start off slow. ^_-

7. Hermes Cape Cod GM Watch - So, they say you can tell the difference between a Gen X-er or older and a Gen Y-er or younger, by whether or not someone is wearing a wrist watch to actually tell time with, as opposed to wearing one as an accessory. I happen to have been born in a year that sits at the boundary of the X & Y, so I like to wear a watch to tell time and as an accessory. The Hermes Cape Cod GM, with its Swiss-made Quartz movement and silver dial, double-tour barenia calf-skin strap, satisfies both sets of requirements.

That's the first installment of our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide - what did I leave off, that should have been included? And are you checking out the Anthropologie sale today?


  1. Nice.  Gave me some idea.  Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm Gen Y and under 25, and I remember film cameras (our first family camera was an SLR, which of course now sits gathering dust) AND I wear a wristwatch every day to tell time. Let me just say, it is really aggravating trying to shop for a slim stainless-steel ladies watch that is actually readable, i.e. has 12 points on the face.

  3. I used to love holiday shopping - great deals. But i'm a bit lazy these days. It does feel pretty good to walk away with hot bargains though.