Friday, November 25, 2011

For the Digital Denizen (Holiday Gift Guide 2011)

Happy Black Friday, everyone! Hoping you all had a great Thanksgiving, and a productive "first day of the holiday shopping season." I went out to a local Anthropologie with my sister, sister-in-law, and good friend for their Black Friday sale at 6 AM, and was a crazy madhouse sort of experience, but still  fun, in it's own wacky way. My SIL, who is not a shopper, actually found a couple of items she looked amazing in, which was great! I'm hoping I can persuade her to guest post about her experience, as I think her perspective would be an amusing and interesting one.

I snagged an Ihrin Shirtdress (there's not been a shirtdress made that I've felt able to turn down...) and a Bojagi Pullover, which is appropriate both culturally (see past Anthro Primer post here) and wardrobe-ly. ^_-

I was less successful finding gifts for some of the folks on my gift list - sometimes it can be really challenging to find the right present for someone on the fly, like that. I did pick up a couple things for people on my list, but the vast majority of my gifts for holiday recipients are still pending. And really, as much as I like to think the peeps on my list will appreciate a carefully chosen Anthro item as much as I would, I know that for some of them, nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, for those who spend a good portion of their lives tapped into a digital space, they might prefer gifts with a different kind of functionality.

So, here it is - the next installment of our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.

For the Digital Denizen in Your Life:

1a. Marc Jacobs Crossbody iPad Case: For the tech-happy fashionista in your life, here's an iPad case that looks like...well, not an iPad case. If I didn't know better, I'd think this were a super adorable handbag. Quilting? Chain strap? Will carry and protect my mobile devices? Can you really ask for more?

1b. Burberry iPad Cover: Here's an iPad cover that says, classic, sophisticated, and well-connected (digitally-speaking, anyway). 

1c. J. Crew Printed iPad Case: Chic and easy on the pocket-book. Love the leopard!

1d. Kate Spade iPad Sleeve: Executed in Ms. Spade's trademark quirky, tongue-in-cheek style.

2. Evernote Premium: Evernote is one of the premiere organizational apps currently available. It's incredibly simple to use and can help you organize and keep track of all the various bits and pieces of data floating around in your head. This cloud-based program allows you to save anything you see, hear, think, or find interesting. You can load it across all your devices, allowing you to access your "notebooks" across platforms. Notes (which can contain text, documents, audio files, images, pdfs, webpages, articles, etc.) can be linked to each other, shared out to everyone via social media or with a single individual. Everything you store in your notebooks is searchable - even the text in images! For more confidential data, there are security features available. Try the free version if you've never used it yet, but if you have a friend or loved one on your holiday list who's trying to juggle 1-5 different lives and rely heavily on their mobile device(s), this might be a special treat for them.

3. Spotify Premium: When I first downloaded and tried out the free Spotify app, I wondered, "How can they do this???" It seemed, essentially, to be a music player much like my iTunes, only...with just about any song or album I wanted to listen to, not just the ones I own. For those of you who are wondering, it's different from Pandora, because it requires - and therefore allows - you to choose your own playlist. Why buy the premium version? Well, first of all, it's commercial free (I hate the commercials. Seriously seriously hate the commercials in the free version), allows you unlimited amounts of (extra high quality) streaming music, let's you use spotify on your mobile devices, and also maintain offline playlists. So, basically, it's a subscription to their enormous music catalog, to take with you, wherever, and listen to, whenever. How enormous? Well, big enough that between my DH and I, we've yet to look for a song or album that we couldn't find (minus certain known band/label holdouts). 

4. Eye-Fi Pro X2 8 GB Class 6 SDHC Wireless Flash Memory Card EYE-FI-8PC - Do you have a blogger or photographer on your holiday gift list? Consider this - a memory card that not only stores photos and videos (as usual), but wirelessly uploads them (RAW or JPEG formats) to your computer. I know. It's like, whaaa---?

5. Dropbox Pro - Because sometimes, 2 GB (free version) of cloud-based file storage and sharing just isn't enough.

6a-b. Abbi New York Computer Bags - So, six years ago, when I bought my first Macbook, I also purchased my first computer bag, and I wanted it to be cute. Functional and cute. No black, no nylon, no backpack, thank you very much. I found the answer in Abbi New York, who created fantastically cute, feminine, highly usable (well padded with room for other stuff - notebooks, file folders, my wallet, etc), and really reasonably priced (under $200!) computer bags. I purchased the Valerie, featured in the image above. I carry it to this day, and still receive compliments on it, even now. You can too...if you live in Japan. When I did a quick search of Abbi New York on the web, I found that even though this is an American company, based out of NYC, they only seem to be selling in Japan!!! This is too sad for words, because I really want the style featured in the image above (6b) as well. Maybe if we all ask very nicely, they'll sell and send to us here in the States, and elsewhere too (check out their really outstanding collection of computer bags at this link)? In the meantime, you might want to also check out this Marc by Marc Jacobs computer bag, this other Marc by Marc Jacobs computer bag, this Kenneth Cole Reaction Computer Tote, or this Nine West Computer Tote.

So, what do you think? What else should I have included? And what did you score this Black Friday?


  1. Great list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I bought the 4gb eye-fi card for myself two years ago when my puppy ate the cord to my camera and it was the best thing ever! It is like magic how the pictures appear on my computer. Bought it for my dad last Christmas so I would have someone to share the amazement with - it's a great gift! :)

  3. heh...I'm always trying to justify finding presents for people at Anthropologie and J Crew, so I can place an order myself...I can't  really though, since they wouldn't be able to easily return or exchange.  Maybe once the store opens here!

    The Eye-fi card is interesting!

  4. you should have added the lytro

  5. I love Evernote Premium! Haven't had a need to pay for premium Dropbox yet, but that service is also life-changing.

    I snagged a second-cut Leifsdottir shirtdress, name unknown (the same color/fabric as the Studded Isoceles Dress, but a different style)--it will be my third-ever shirtdress in as many months. I used to always avoid them, because I prefer full/A-line silhouettes but my thick waist and small bust make them difficult to fit. Sure enough, all of my shirtdresses are tight at the waist, but I'm loving the style enough to deal with it. (Other shirtdress is the Sunrise Shirt Dress in black, also purchased for a song; the third one, an unforgiving denim style from Diesel that accentuates my lack of curves, is in my to-give-away pile. 2/3 isn't bad!)

  6. Oooh, sounds so fun! I'm sure your shirtdresses are more flattering than you think. :)

  7. Oh! That's a good one - thanks, Pinguino!

  8. Awesome! Good to know. =D