Friday, November 11, 2011

Inspiration from a Duchess (A Quickie Review)

Greetings and salutations!

It's been awhile, eh? My apologies for the extended absence. I hope you're all well!

As it turns out, while Carol was on the search for the perfect coat, I was channel-surfing when I caught a glimpse of the Duchess of Cambridge in a gorgeous red coat that made me drool:

It's embarrassing to say, but I've always had kind of a thing for stuff celebrities wear. It's a total guilty pleasure, and I peruse those "what they wore" articles like nobody's business.

So when I saw Kate Middleton in that red L.K. Bennett coat? Aiyiyi. It was love. Love!

...but it was a problem. Because the coat (called the "Ami" coat, by L.K. Bennett) is sold out in my size.


And so began my internet search for a similar-ish red coat. Which led me to head to the mall to track down this one, by Express...

Wool Blend Long Fit and Flare Coat

I'm wearing a Small, and I'm not 100% certain but I'm pretty sureI love this. Since I can't have Kate's awesome coat, I'm thinking this one might do. It's got a nice fit, and the description really is apt - it fits and it really does flare. I mean it really kinda adds a little badonkadonk, amirite? But - honest question - is it a bad type of badonkadonk? Or is it possible to live with?

Or is it just that I have a prominent bandonkadonk?

I have so many questionz!

The flap pockets are fake. They're just there for show. There are hidden seam pockets located below them.

Here's me, channeling my inner Duchess - by...adding a belt (because belts totally translate to mean "Duchess"):

The length is not as long as the L.K. Bennett coat, but this Express coat currently on sale for 30% off. And I do like the big black buttons.

Maybe I look a little too "Little Red Riding Hood"...but...I don't care. I like it.

What do you think? Is it a decent replacement for a coat I can't find?

Anyway, I hope you're all well...take care, and thanks for stopping by!



  1. I've been looking for a red coat too!  This one is awesome and you look beautiful, Duchess! =)

  2. SO pretty, I love it! And it's very Kate :)

  3. LOVE. Get it. For sure.

  4. Looks great on you!  I would get it for sure.  Maybe I'll even go try it on myself so I can look like Princess Kate too!

  5. LK Bennett at the Shoppes at Riverside in NJ had a number of the coats.  Bloomingdales might have them too....

  6. Of course, if Kate Middleton wore it, it's long gone by now. :P That's a great alternative though! And funnily enough, I got an email about this coat which is red and looks pretty cute. I already recommended Soia & Kyo  to Carol on her coat post...I swear I don't work for them. ;) (But they're Canadian! which means they're awesome! ;))

  7. So pretty!  Fit for a princess. :)

  8. I think it's a pretty good alternative.  I would have never thought to put a belt with it.  I think I'm going to have to try that trick! Thanks.

  9. There is a US size 4 on Ebay (pretty expensive, though!). Here's the link: