Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Smiling (OOTD)

I'm sad to report that the weather in San Diego has turned. We've dipped back down to a chilly mid-60s range (yes, I know, we're total wimps), and we're supposed to get some really gusty winds today and tonight.

So, no more bare legs and sandals. But sweaters are once again totally acceptable in every regard. 

This past Saturday was, as I mentioned in a previous post, Small Business Saturday. To do my part, I decided to go ahead and order the "Smile" t-shirt from Jedidiah, and as they also happen to be a locally-based San Diego company, I got my order delivered in record time. And I have to say, I love it - I love this t-shirt. The graphic quite literally makes me smile, and the cut is flattering (yes, even with t-shirts, cut matters) and buying it is helping to provide support to youth in need.

It's like a super shirt. A super cute shirt. *happiness*

Top: Women's Smile T-shirt, Jedidiah
Pants: Stretch Twill Minnie, J. Crew
Shoes: Pink Studio (similar here, here, and here)

Kate wanted to come say hi. And as the timer was ticking down, she stood next to me, smiling up, as sweet and still as you could want. Then, about half a second before the camera actually shot the photo, she started dancing around.

Two year olds. ^_^

Hope you're having a great day! Thanks for reading!


  1. Super sweet photo with dancing Kate :) She is so lovely!

  2. (Argh! iPhone sriving me mad!)
    The photo of you and Kate is just adorable!
    You look so amazing in those red trousers that you're really making me wish that sort of thing looked good on me.
    And "yay" for supporting local businesses!

  3. Love this outfit! I would never be creative enough to put these 3 pieces together -- they work beautifully!

  4. Kate is a cutie....that's exactly what my daughter does too. I love the red and purple coordination. It's a perfect fall outfit!!

  5. you two look fantastic!

  6. That tee is totally adorable!  

    And no fair saying your temps have "dipped" to the 60's!!!  ;-)

  7. Carol, what a creative and stylish outfit- you look great.
    And having Kate in any picture is a sweet treat.

  8. Cute t-shirt! I looking to purchasing one myself, but unsure what size I am. May I ask what size you are wearing?

  9. carol_prettythingsDecember 6, 2011 at 8:30 AM

    Hi Sandy! I bought it in a size medium.

  10. KATE! I just love her. She is so darling!!

    I also love red and purple together. You look awesome!