Sunday, December 4, 2011

For the Guys (Holiday Gift Guide 2011)

We are now in the first weekend of December! Which means, depending on what particular holidays you may or may not celebrate, you have about three weeks - give or take a few days, to finish shopping for your gift list. I like to think that some of the gift lists that preceded this one may have included gender-neutral gifts, but I suppose that since there were quite a few things that weren't gender neutral, it's only fair to include a gift guide for the guys in our lives. Now, let me quickly qualify this list - you may or may not know that I'm a bit of a geek at heart (and well, my husband is admittedly an uber-geek), so my list leans more towards the geekier end of the spectrum. Meaning, you probably won't find a ton of sports-related gift ideas here - though my DH has also really loved going to an NBA game from time to time. Anyhow, here it is - the next installment of our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.

For the Guys:

1. Memetics Tees: So, if you wanted to really impress my husband, you'd pick out this Chatsubo tee from Memetics Tees. A reference to William Gibson's cyberpunk classic, Neuromancer, you'd seriously up your  geek cred (if that's what you're looking to do ^_-) by giving tee, or one of any other tees from this online site.

2. Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Tray - You don't need to be all that geeky to appreciate this - can you imagine? Little Han Solos frozen in, ice...floating in your drinks and/or punch bowl? I know. Awesome.

3. Whole Foods Gift Card - I asked a male friend of mine what he'd want for Christmas. He said gift cards. Or food. Or gift cards for food. Mmhm.

4. Fossil Estate Flight Bag - Yes, I know, it's a man-bag. But the fact is, iPads (which this bag is designed to safely carry) don't fit into pockets. So, since he won't buy himself one, and he can blame the fact that he owns it on you, you should get him this. Because secretly, he'll be grateful for it. Especially when he realizes there's no reason on earth he needs to be carrying around an entire backpack or briefcase, with just the iPad rattling around in it, if he has something that lets him carry it and access it incredibly easily. 

5. The North Face E-tip Facet Glove - If you live in colder climes, and you use mobile devices with touch screens, you'll understand the value of having gloves that keep your hands warm while you use whatever app you happen to need at the moment. The Echo gloves provide a sleeker alternative.

6. J. Crew Secret Wash Shirt in Faded Gingham - Clothes are always a good gift, especially if it's something 1) he'll wear and 2) he probably needs. I love it whenever I see my guy friends wearing gingham. It manages to look both sharp and comfortable. Don't know how that happens, but there you have it. 

7. Mougin & Picard for J. Crew Grande Second Watch - Watches are like jewelry for men. This one has some particularly nice details. 

8. Gilt Taste food gifts - Have you ever shopped on It's basically a website that acts as a hybrid between an outlet and a sample sale. Recently, they started their food sale site - and I totally thought of them, when my aforementioned guy friend said he wanted food. This, for instance, is Hancock Gourmet's Maine Shore DinnerClick here, for an account, if you don't already have one.  

9. Nerf Vortex Praxis - They all secretly (or not) eye these things, you know. Make him believe in Santa again.

10. Lego Super Star Destroyer Set - Legos. Star Wars (again). The sort of thing their parents never bought them when they were kids, but they've always wanted. The Millennium Falcon is another favorite, and don't forget the Death Star.

In the end, the best advice for what to buy for the guys in your life, is to find out what they're into (hopefully you already know) and figure out how you can get them the stuff they want but never buy for themselves. If yours aren't quite like mine (see above), share with us the sorts of things that have been a hit in the comments below. We'd all love to know!


  1. This is an awesome list! My husband actually does want the Lego Star destroyer! Haha! But we have yet to complete our Harry Potter sets. Still need the Hogwsrts Express and Diagon Alley. :) the nerf gun is pretty awesome too. Boys need to play, no matter what age they are.

  2. oh, I think we have plenty of nerf guns by now- he's not one to let a sale slide!  (I love how the mega nerf guns are absolutely sized for adult hands...)  My man really needs some sweater vests, but not finding much.  I should actually go check etsy (and stay away from the dresses though...)

  3. I adore Fossil bags so now you have found something for me to add to MY list.... which doesn't help me gift the Mister but actually helps him figure ME out! 

  4. All your guides are so great! Thank you for assembling them.

  5. I tried to order the JCrew shirt and anything bigger than a small was expected to ship April 2012. Can you recommend another one? ^^;

  6. Here are a few other options:
    Boden's version -

    Lacoste has one -

    And Bluefly has one -

    Hope one of them work for you!