Monday, January 9, 2012

Anthro's Got Our Backs...?

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope your week started well. I just wanted to bring up an interesting phenomenon I've been noticing with Anthropologie's current selection of clothing.

The back of the Entwined Dots Blouse - so surprising, when you see the demure front.

Quite a few of their items are...well, back-baring, for lack of a better way to put it.

The back of the Lace-Backed Blouse makes this top! So pretty! But...does that mean I need to wear a cami under it, when I go to work?

For quite a while, my biggest beef with Anthro was their sheer tops. It confounded me as to why they persisted, despite customer grievance, to offer up tops that were really fantastic and practically-perfect, except for their incontrovertible transparency. But now...well, now it seems they've made a bit of a reversal (hehe, no pun actually intended) and a lot of their shirts and dresses include some feature that shows off some or more of the wearer's spine and incidental parts.

You wouldn't know it, but that slit on the back of the Dropwaist Mini is long, and tends to gape open at the least provocation (review coming soon).

Which could be considered an improvement over the see-through fronts...except...well, I don't know that my bra straps are decorative enough to put on display, nor that my back is necessarily as svelte as I'd like it to be, should the world be invited to peek at it through my clothing.


If it's not one thing, it's another.

The Fringed Lace Top is so pretty (this is the back)! But wearing a cardigan or jacket over it to make it work-appropriate would totally miss the point of wearing the shirt at all, right?

I will say though, that a lot of these items are gorgeous overall, and for many of them, the problem is easily solved with a strategically placed cardigan or blazer. But there are a few where the most ornamental part of the item is the see-through back, and well...maybe I need to figure out how to make my backside more presentable?

Believe it or not, this is the back of the Draped Snail Tank (which I was totally in love with, until I tried it on). It's totally split from the neck down, and free to fly open at the slightest gust or spin. Yep. Like that.

What's your take on all this?

The Dropped Dots Dress is pretty discreet, as far as exposed backs go. I rather liked it myself (review to come).

Does Anthro have your back? 


  1. Yeah - I've noticed that with Anthro a lot lately too.  I think it's more appropriate for the summer.  But I still think that most women will want to wear a cami for coverage.  And as one wise Pinterest pin noted - "you can't suck in back fat" heheh - so I have a feeling a lot of these pretties will end up on Sale and double markdown.

    xx Vivian @

  2. Hm having an open back is preferable to all sheer but it is still tricky to wear to work. I do love backs like the Droped Dots Dress though because I can show off all my shoulder tattoo artwork ;)

  3. I absolutely think these backless frocks are gorgeous.  But you're right- totally not practical considering Anthropologie's target customer is a working woman!  I especially am not a fan because I am big-busted and my bras are definitely not pretty enough to be on display!!  Come on Anthro!


  4. Maybe I am crazy, but I kind of love the Draped Snail.  I would wear it to the beach and be free as a bird!  I'm hoping for a sale by the time it's actually appropriate to wear it, though.  The pink color has me in love, though I wasn't into the navy. 

  5. I've been thinking the same thing as you Carol. Did you see the "Rearward Cardigan"? It kind of reminded me of a bib...! I also do like the Draped Snail Tank but I had no idea it was completely exposed in the back. Definitely will be rethinking that one. Although I think sheerness in the back is sexy I'm not sure I would want all my spring tops to be completely sheer in the back, especially when I go to parks with the kids etc...if you know what I mean.

  6. I kinda of love it. All of it. I normally wear a cami for everything, so having a bit of back show is not a big deal to me. I think a slight bit of back can be so feminine yet sexy. Nothing a nude cami couldnt help out :) Though I secretly hope no one likes it and I can get them on 3rd cut :)

  7. I love back details- I guess a plain cami is in order!  I much prefer this level of careful detail to randomly making everything transparent, but then I also really like thin fabrics so...

    I find the design of the snail top though is the same old weird cut they've been doing on a million Urban Outfitters pieces in the last couple of years.  It's not that flattering a cut.  I love the fringed lace top- perfection!!

    I was so obsesses with the pumapard top because of the back button detail, but the sale price is still too high!  Fingers crossed it goes down soon (though by rights it should't even be on sale yet!)

  8. When I look at Banana Republic, I think of it all as a selection of office outfits. Nothing catches my eye. Anthropologie for me is about fantasy, unusual cute things that blow my mind. If Anthro selection starts to be more "office appropriate," I swear I'll never put my feet there! All the other stores are the same, let Anthro fly free! 

  9. Beautiful! I guess I could wear them two ways, then. How come I didn't notice Anthro when I was still living in the US? *sigh*

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