Sunday, January 8, 2012

Copycat (OOTD)

About a year ago, Kendi (of Kendi Everyday - one of my absolute favorite style blogs) blogged herself wearing this skirt. This fairly simple but totally wearable outfit, sent Kathryn and me into a frenzy. There's just something about Kendi's very accessible and pretty style (did you see her most recent outfit, featuring the Tile-Quilted Mini?) that makes it so easy to imagine myself in her outfits. Anyway, we both ran out looking for the skirt in our respective neighborhood Gap stores (me in San Diego, and Kathryn in OC), and I found success in tracking down the skirts here, at the UTC Gap. And even better? I think by the time I found them, the skirts were on Gap-style super sale, and we paid something like $7 a piece. 

Yesterday, I was casting about for something to wear, and found this old American Eagle v-neck sweater at the back of my closet. Which then reminded me of Kendi's outfit and made me remember that I hadn't worn that skirt since...well, a year ago. So, I decided to pull it out again (different sweater, no belt, added a scarf). 

Yep, I'm a copycat. But sometimes, that's okay. 

Sweater: American Eagle v-neck sweater (similar here and here)
Skirt: Gap skirt (similar here, here, and here)
Shoes: Apeppazza 'Martin' Boots (similar here and here)
Scarf: Similar here and here

Hope your weekend was a good one!


  1. Sara-You, Me and AnthropologieJanuary 8, 2012 at 5:52 PM

    Cute! I tried to find that skirt in my size after she wore it last year too, but had no luck :/

  2. I love Kendi Everyday Blog. She's very down-to-earth. The skirt looks just as good on you.

  3. Adorable look on you Carol!! I can see why you tracked the skirt's so cute!!

  4. Being a copycat is worth it in this case! :) I think the white scarf is a nice touch. :)

  5. Oh this look is sooo adorable and accessible!  Hey in my industry - it's not being a "copycat" - it's called "inspired by".  And everyone loves to be inspired!

    xx Vivian @