Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NYFW Eye Candy: Rachel Zoe Fall 2012

I'm not always excited by the Fashion Week news. I know, I know, this is like heresy coming from the keyboard of a style blogger. But I'm not that kind of style blogger, generally speaking. I love specific designers, who make clothes that can be adapted to the closets of...well..."normal" women (meaning the 99% of us who don't work in the fashion industry or can't afford high 3-digit or even 4-digit price tags for one item), elevating said closets to a whole new level - supernormal? ^_-  Anyway, Rachel Zoe is one of those designers - and after my opportunity to meet her and hear her talk about her line and how she envisions it can be incorporated into the wardrobes of the average American woman - I do feel excited whenever her new collections are announced or unveiled.

So, from her NYFW Fall 2012 line, here are my favorite looks (the ones I can totally see me trying to chase down for myself) and also, some more budget-friendly alternatives to help out our groaning pocketbooks:

I think this is my favorite of all the Rachel Zoe outfits - what looks to be a lavender-hued Sullivan Leather Blazer just leapt from the screen (this jacket is currently available in four colors: rust, nude, dark beige, and black). I love and want the whole thing, and while I'm pretty certain that I'm just not cool enough (or tall enough) to pull off over-the-knee boots, I'll definitely be saving my pennies (okay, more like my $20 bills) for the jacket, and maybe the sweater dress too. I am determined to add that jacket to my closet this fall - if it's anywhere as wearable as its sister jacket that's already in my closet, then I know it'll be an excellent investment.

I love a good coat, and while my opportunities to wear one in San Diego are few and far between, I'd go out of my way to pretend, with a coat like the one above. I love the military details and the closely fitted cut. Also, that blouse that's layered underneath the coat, with the silver metallic print? Swoon. Just swoon.

Mmm, let me see here...black velvet, satin ruffles, fitted shift, and a shirt-we're-pretty-sure-Heathcliff-from-Wuthering-Heights-wore-as-he-rode-across-a-moor. In all rights, this outfit-that-the-icon-formerly-known-as-Prince might have worn shouldn't be working. But uh...I'm afraid it is. I don't know what it says about me, but I really love this. Fun, fun, fun. In a weird...melodramatic-in-the-early-90s way. If you know what I mean?

I'll admit right off that what drew me to this was not the gray (hopefully faux) fur jacket draped over the model's shoulders. I know Ms. Zoe loves her faux fur jackets, but I've never been able to successfully incorporate one into my own wardrobe (and that may actually be a good thing, as I'm not entirely sure I could pull one off). What drew me in are the cropped velvet pants and jacket in that muted mauve, paired with that fantastic lace...coverup? Dress? Robe? Wrap-thingie? It's breathtaking. In my fantasy-life, where I sweep through spacious ballrooms, with my shining hair piled in coils atop my head, this is what I'm wearing (sans fur jacket). Naturally, that lace will billow out behind in me in the most appropriately dramatic fashion, as I walk. ;)

I just found this dress very striking - well-draped column dresses generally are, and white...well, please note that this is a fall collection, yet Ms. Zoe has elected to place a white column dress in it, defying all logic but managing to be completely fantastic, no less. I love it. Especially since I see that she wore the same dress in black below (and really, folks, she's not really any taller than I am, so shorties! That means this dress could be a possibility for us - with the right alterations, anyway). 

Here's the link to all the photos from her collection. What do you think? Do you agree with my picks? Do you think there was something I overlooked? Let me know!


  1. These are lovely selections. I really like how forward they all look.


  2. They are pretty and very wearable as opposed to a lot of other designers I see. I do wish someone would bring these girls a sandwich though, I'm afraid their legs will snap in two walking down the runway.

  3. I recently read that an article that described her collection as Rock Start Girlfriend, and now I see what they mean. The bags are pretty, and the styling is great. I hope this collection is more reasonably sized as I found the Fall collection to run very, very small. The mauve velvet is really amazing, as is the white dress. I also like the velvet coat in look #2 and the entire outfit in look #18.

  4. Love the first outfit so much! The leather jacket is such a great color. I think you could pull off the boots, but if not, even a knee-high one would be great with it.

  5. I especially love the side ruffle jumper dress and the black jacket. I live in the frigid midwest so I think I could totally put that coat to work! =)

  6. Wow, I absolutely love the first look. Those over-the-knee boots are fantastic!

  7. A beautiful collection!
    I'm surprised that you want the leather jacket only because I thought it was the jacket you already own. It's gorgeous but I can't see owning both leather jackets since I don't see the difference between the two except for the colors.