Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweeties (OOTD)

 Today, it's cold, windy, and rainy here in San Diego (it even hailed for a few seconds! It was like a half-hearted imitation of an upstate NY rain storm) and there's nothing I'd like to do more right now, than crawl back into bed with a good book and cuppa tea, and just hibernate for a while.

Alas, there are small children to be cared for and work to be done, so none of that, thank you very much. But speaking of small children, I want to introduce you to my niece, Ava, whom I got to visit with yesterday, while in the OC, to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday (happy birthday, Alex!).

She wants to know why she wasn't told she would be taking an OOTD photo, which my sister - who is Ava's mother - so kindly snapped for me ("Mom, seriously??? I'm not even wearing my hairbows! I need my accessories, MOM!"):

Carol's outfit:
Kate's outfit:
Sweater: Cherokee Long-Sleeved Cardigan Sweater (now on clearance!)
Skirt: Cherokee Ruffled Tiered Skirt (similar here, here, and here)
Tights: H&M sweater tights (similar here and here)
Shoes: Crocbands
Ava's outfit: Carter's Coverall

And look at Ava in this pic! (SO CUTE):

Seriously, couldn't you just eat her up??? Sigh...almost makes me want to have another baby. Almost.


  1. Oh my goodness Ava & Katie are both adorable!! For a second I thought you had another baby!! You look cute in the pink the bow!!

  2. In the first photo, the tree branch looks like an extension of Ava's hair! haha

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  3. 可愛い~~!!! Oops, I forgot to change my font.. lol I said Kawaii!! meaning CUTE!!! OMG, you are making me want another baby!! lol lol
    I love Kate's cardigan btw! She looks darling in it!! on clearance now?? Gotta go check it out!!
    P.S. I thought you had another baby for a second too!

  4. So very, very beyond adorable...just super squeezable looking! =)
    Kristina J.

  5. I want Kate's hair!! and your pink gingham shirt! and maybe a chubby baby for an afternoon :)

  6. I have to say that you look SO RIGHT with a baby on your hip! SO CUTE - all three of you! Total dolls! And hooray, I can comment again - finally figured out that there was a virus with my old browser...okay, my brother figured it out for me...but still - hooray for being able to say how much I love your posts :)

    1. Jan!!! You're back!!! Yay, for your brother! How's your little one? She must be about Ava's age by now?

  7. Ava and Kate are superstars! How adorable!

  8. Very Cute! I really enjoy reading your blog. You have great style. How come we haven't seen any postings from Katherine?