Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tops & Bottoms (Anthro Fitting Room Reviews)

Hello, everyone, and happy Wednesday! Hope you've all been doing well. I just got back from a short pseudo-vacation to Las Vegas. I say "pseudo" because the DH had to work (he was attending a conference) but the kids and I took an extra day off and tagged along, for fun.

It was fun. Exhausting too. But overall, a good time.

Anyway, prior to leaving for the trip, I swung by Anthro this past weekend, and tried on a few things, thinking that I'd write up and post these fitting room reviews, during all my ample free time, in Vegas. Well, it would have worked out beautifully, had I not forgotten my phone in my car in San Diego. Yep. That's me. Mind like a trap. Sigh.

Anyway, better late than never, and now at least, we've got a bit of fun to enliven the mid-week slump.

 I first saw the Citizens of Humanity Floral Thompson show up in-store a month or so ago. And I remembered thinking, as I swept past them (I think I was in a hurry that day), that they were cute and had potential. Also, that I remembered seeing floral pants in Vogue, and that I found it intriguing that they'd translated so quickly down to mainstream retail so quickly. Anyway, I finally decided that I really should give them a try, so I grabbed the two different colors and gave them a go. Here, in these photos (directly above and below), I'm wearing size 26, and well, I didn't love 'em. I felt like my thighs looked huge - and while yes, I'm still hanging onto my stubborn leftover-from-the-holiday pounds, these pants certainly weren't doing me any favors in that area. Lengthwise, they weren't too bad - I don't think I'd hem these, and if I were trying to obtain a more "cropped" look, would probably just roll them up, since that seems to be acceptable these days. Taller women with legs longer than mine (not tough, really), will probably experience these as a more cropped length, especially after they've shrunk a bit from washing. Definitely a pass for me, at least in the blue motif.

Now, here's the funny thing. After I tried on the Citizens of Humanity Floral Thompson blue motif in a size 26 (my usual size), I pulled on the neutral motif in a size 25 (they were out of size 26), expecting total disaster, yet feeling obliged to do my blogger-ly duty (see photos below). Oddly enough, I found the lighter color in the smaller size seemed to work better on me...which is completely counter-intuitive, as darker colors are generally supposed to be more slimming, and well, when does a smaller size skinny jean ever do good things for you? Maybe the sizing is inconsistent? Maybe the smaller sized acted upon my thighs in the manner of shapewear? Or maybe they were cutting off the blood flow to my brain, and actually, I just imagined that they looked good? I don't know. Whatever it was, I liked the neutral motif a lot better. In fact, were it not for my renewed commitment to keep my resolutions, I might have brought these home with me. I was pretty tempted, let me tell you. And if they go on sale in the next few weeks - well, I'm all over them like...floral print on denim. Wishlisted for sale time.

 Marled and Mixed Pullover:

I tried on the Marled and Mixed Pullover (now on sale!) in an XS, and was pleasantly surprised by it. I had brought it into the fitting room with me, to try it on with the Floral Thompsons, and you know, I think they worked really well. In fact, with the addition of a scarf (maybe the Threadwork Scarf or the Nerium Scarf?) and a pair of ankle boots, and you've got yourself a cute, casual outfit. The sweater is pull-on style, has a boxy cut with side vents. The front of the sweater is about an inch shorter than the back of it. It's dry-clean only. I'm tempted to go back in and pick this up, now that it's hit sale, but I'm going to wait a bit longer and see if maybe (maybe - I'm feeling a little dubious, as it's already sold out in XS online...) it makes it to second cut. If it does, it's totally mine. Wishlisted. 

So, a couple weeks ago, I wrote about this J. Crew catalog shot I was totally obsessed with. Well, as you can imagine, the Flared Ancora Blouse and Well-Pocket Skirt evoked that outfit in my mind, as soon as I laid eyes on them. I'm wearing the Flared Ancora Blouse in an a size 2, and the Well-Pocket Skirt in a size 2 also. Let's start with the top. This blouse is meant to be sort of loose and boxy (hence the word "flared" in the name, I'm guessing?) so with that in mind, I'd say that the size 2 fit me fine, though I probably could have sized down to a zero as well. However, taller women may want to be mindful of sizing down, in case it effects the length of the top - which while not cropped, certainly isn't long. Even I, as a 5'2" shorty, probably wouldn't want this top to get any shorter, in terms of tuck-ability, as well as general comfort and coverage. The top is cotton, a pull-on style, and machine washable. I really like it, with the exception of the open flap front - note the photo below. I could have pulled that flap all the way up to the point where the (purely decorative) buttons end, across the chest (I didn't, and you can all thank me later). Unless you're living in a super gusty climate, I'm going to guess this won't be a huge problem, though, when tucked into a skirt, any twisting or turning movement will cause the top to "blouse" a bit more than might be usual for a tucked shirt (you'll see what I mean in a bit). Overall, I liked the top, and thought it was well-priced for a non-t-shirt Anthro offering. Definitely tempted. Wishlisted.

Detail of the open-flap front of the Flared Ancora Blouse.

Below, I've included shots of myself wearing the Well-Pocket Skirt, in a size 2. It was definitely snug at the waist (darn those stubborn holiday pounds!) though the hip and thighs fit fine, and believe it or not, with room to spare. In the front-facing photo (below left), you'll see the skirt bunching out a little oddly right under the waist band (under my phone-holding arm) - this is not due to a fit issue, but rather, an oddly-placed anti-theft sensor issue (actually the sensor on the top, which is now tucked under the skirt, causing the weird bulge). Anyway, the skirt has a back zipper, pockets (though they're not as deep as one may be led to believe), is lined, and is also machine washable (yay!). I liked the skirt, but am not sure if I loved it. I do feel I need a couple good pencil skirts in my wardrobe (not a strong suit for my closet) but am not sure if this should be one of them. Wishlisted for further consideration at sale time. 

Well, that's it for now, though I have a few more, which I'll write up later this week. Of these, anything catch your eye? What do you think about the floral-print jeans/pants trend? Is it one you think you'll try? (Haha, that rhymed. Good times. ^_-)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Cute skirt. I like it with the shirt tucked in.

  2. I think when it comes to patterned bottoms, pattern size and placement are key. The dark pants have that big pattern and it creeps up over the thighs. Now Carol, I'm not saying your thighs are big by ANY stretch of the imagination, but due to the pattern placement, it gives the ILLUSION of your thighs being wider than they really are. Whereas the smaller pattern more sparse and not placed in a similar manner. Does that make sense? Anyway, I prefer the lighter color pair anyway just because they seem more versatile and appropriate for the spring season. I hope I can find a pair that are inexpensive and as flattering as those on you.

    1. You, Ms. Pamela, are BRILLIANT. Hahaha, because OF COURSE my thighs couldn't possibly be big (*rolls eyes*). Good times. But I see what you're saying - it completely makes sense. And this is why a girl needs friends, hahaha. To tell her these things.

    2. I so agree with this! Now that Pamela has pointed this out, I can see now where there's just a huge swath of flowers against the dark background on the upper left thigh area. Of course, that creates the illusion of the upper thigh being bigger - and well, now, WTH wants that?

  3. You're not crazy! Those jeans look fantabulous on you! Want them now... Damn shopping ban!

  4. love the jeans on you! i would love to try them, but i'm not sure if i can pull it off. wow, i feel like everyone in san diego was in vegas this past weekend. i was there too!

  5. I absolutely love the lighter floral jeans! They're so pretty, and I never thought I'd say, but those may have just won me over to this crazy trend.

  6. Ok, so glad you tried on those floral denim pants because I have scoped them out a couple of times but never tried on. I have to agree that I like the neutral colour better than the blue motif. Perhaps if they go on sale I will consider them for spring...

  7. Regarding the patterns, I actually think both are cute, though Pamela's hit the nail on the head about the pattern placement.

    So I'm going to say something to you that I'd say to my sister if she were trying on these jeans - and I love my sister - be careful about the vine pattern coming out of your hoo-ha; if I see it, then someone else will too.

    I love the white blouse tucked into the yellow skirt. It's adorbs, but I wonder if the skirt will wrinkle something crazy during the day. That always seems to be a problem with thin cotton skirts. Also, if that's a regular you're trying on and it hits above the knee, that seems bad for tall ladies...not that I'm complaining - as one of the super short I'd probably opt for the petite version.

    1. Oh Diana! I was seriously laughing out loud when I read this comment. It's just too good. :) Yes, now I'm going to be hyper vigilant should I decide to buy floral pants NOT to get the ones that have a vine pattern coming out of my hoo-ha. :D