Sunday, March 25, 2012

Black Leather Jackets, Revisited

The other day, I was able to swing by Nordstrom and try on the Rachel Zoe 'Jimmy' Leather Moto Jacket. I have to admit, I didn't love it on me, the way I loved it on the model in Neiman Marcus' product shots. The leather was much more smooth and supple in person - which is not a bad thing, but I almost wish it had been a touch less matte, if that makes any sense. The jacket had a very snug fit - I tried it on over a short sleeved dress, and it felt pretty snug on the arms. In fact, when I tried to scrunch the sleeves up a bit (they were a touch long, and I wanted to see if scrunching them would help mitigate the length), I thought I might do some permanent damage to my arms, by completely cutting off circulation, so I gave up.

This jacket is cut pretty small, too. Please note that I'm wearing a size 4 in the jacket in these photos. I picked it up simply because it was the smallest size in the store on the day I went in to try it on. Imagine my surprise when it fit nearly perfectly. The good news is that really petite women might have luck with the size 0 and 2, when they might otherwise be sized out of something like this. But as I was saying, the sleeves were problematic for me. They fit tightly, which would make it difficult wearing this over something with sleeves, and they were also a touch long. I did like the way the back of the jacket was cut (see photo below right), but wasn't thrilled by the look of the front, when it was zipped up. This one's going to be a pass for me, and I'll keep looking.

I'm hoping to maybe see the Lucky Brand 'Kira' Jacket in person and try it on. I'm also tempted by Boden's  version as well (love the belt!):

By the way, are any of you "My Lucky Rewards" members? Did you see that Anthropologie is now one of the companies providing a rebate via the Lucky shopping site (similar to Ebates shopping site), and is offering 3% back? I'm hoping they'll sign up with Ebates too. It's a long time coming.

Hope you're all having a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love the pink and white dress you have on in the pictures! I've been eyeing the Boden leather jacket too--it's different from the standard moto style, and actually looks functional! If you order it, I hope you can do a review-- your reviews are so helpful!

  2. when i read anthro is now part of lucky rewards, i wanted to scream. i've wished they were a part of it for so long, i could have gotten so much money back over the years! good to know they're part of the program now :)

  3. The leather jacket looks awesome on you Carol!! I love the contrast of the soft floral and leather!!

  4. You look awesome. Loved your leather jacket and floral shirt!

  5. I like that the jacket fit you well and looks good with your floral dress. However the restricting sleeves sound painful. You can find a better jacket.

  6. Like your leather jackets that's just so awesome man.