Friday, March 30, 2012

In the Running: April (Wishlist)

Sooo...April is just around the corner (wow, where is the time going?) and I've got a hefty list of things I've got my eye on for purchase during my "birthday month" (we all know that's code for "an extra 15% off at Anthro, right?). I'm trying to be more mindful and cut back on the number of things and the amount of money I spend on clothes. I'd like to limit myself to 2, maybe 3 things. But how do I pick? Which do I choose?

It's ridiculously hard. (Pretty clothes, shoes, and accessories are my drug of choice, you know.) Did I mention I haven't been to the mall all week? I think I may be experiencing a withdrawal headache.

So, here are the items that are in the running for my April purchases:

Kinda thinking these three together might be fun (per Nicolette Mason's styling here):
7. Equipment 'Brett' Silk Blouse (in super lemon)

Of course, if I were to try and buy the last three items all at once, the cost would take me way past April and May's budgets and probably into June's as well. Sooo...with that in mind, I think I'll just admire from afar, for a bit. ^_- (Can I at least has the pants?)

And, here's some spring/summer-fantasy-shoe eye candy for all of us. You know, if we were to win that half-billion dollar jackpot...

Have a happy Friday! Thanks for visiting!


  1. That is one eye candy alright!... Liking those necklaces too! I've seen similar ones at H&M, costing less at least. Good luck with your picks:p Oh, and advanced Happy Birthday!:)

  2. Oh they are rather fabulous - oh to have somewhere to wear them too.

  3. Why do we never win? I mean, someone has to, right? I don't know what to suggest- I kinda went way overboards in march with too many lovelies, so april and may will be stingy and boring times for me! The pieced column was adorable on you, and you know it will never hit sale so...

    I do love the styling with the floral jeans too- and I bet your pretty platforms from last year would work just as well!

  4. That's a fabulous list of items. I think the necklaces would be the best choices. A little more versatile maybe? Anyway, I am working on a wonderful app that would help you keep track of all those items and let everyone know what you want! Check it out and sign up for our beta. The necklaces would look great on the app too!