Monday, March 12, 2012

Kate Spade to Rule Them All (Fitting Room Reviews)

Hullo there.

Whoa, three posts in three weeks, this is crazy. Next it'll be fire and brimstone coming down from the sky! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes! Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria! know. Not.

Anyway, I had a rough day at work last week. So when the going gets tough, the tough get going to Nordstrom to try on a bunch of pink clothes to cheer themselves up.

So here goes!

Caroline Bow Sweater & Melody Silk Skirt (shown in size Small for the sweater, size 4 in the skirt)

You might remember this little ensemble from when Carol blogged it here. I'd never tried on Kate Spade clothes before, so when I saw these pieces at my Nordstrom, I squealed with glee.


Pink + polka dots = happy Kathryn. The small fit me well in the sweater, and while I'd say the 4 in the skirt fit me as well, I wanted to mention that the waist did feel snug. I liked where it sat on my frame though, so I'd be hesitant to size up to a 6.

The skirt is a really pretty beige-y gold in person, though I worry that there isn't much in this world that it matches with other than that bright pink sweater (the color is called "Gulabi"..?). And there are no pockets, which is something I tend to expect in my skirts these days.

Do I love this outfit? Yes. Will I buy it? Probably not. Not at full price, anyway. Don't get me wrong...I don't think of it in a Faramir-ish (from the books) type of way, "I would not take this thing, if it lay by the highway"...because, let's face it - I would. I just haven't reached the point in my existence on this earth where I can stomach spending almost $550 on a sweater and a skirt. Maybe someday. But it is not this day.

But, if it were lying unattended on the roadside...

sweater, not tucked in last shot of this pie-in-the-sky wishlisted ensemble:

Wishlisted. Waiting. WANT.

"Siren" Ruffle Hem Dress (shown in Size 6)

So this dress is supposed to have a belt. I'm not sure what happened to it, but oh well.

I was having a conversation with Carol about Kate Spade clothes this afternoon, and she and I agreed that "flattering" was probably not a word we'd use to describe their fit. They either fit or they don't. Which sounds kind of obvious (like Legolas in the movie version of Return of the King, "A diversion!"), but it's true. I didn't feel like they were really cut to flatter or make magic of your figure. I feel like you can see my dinner peeking through the dress.

As for sizing, the top was predictably a bit baggy. However, I couldn't size down due to my hips.

My hips don't lie.

Love that ruffled hem, though.

Unfortunately I didn't grab a picture of the back...there's an exposed zipper detail along the back which is pretty neat-o. And being that it's Kate Spade, details like that are so cool.

Again, if I found this dress laying on the highway I'd grab it faster than you could say, "The Ring will go to Gondor!" (which is one of my pet peeves with the movie version changes from the book, though not nearly as offensive to me as, "Go home, Sam"...and let's not forget the Elves magically appearing at Helm's Deep or all of the superfluous Arwen additions. But let's be clear: the "Go home, Sam" sucks!)

"Silverscreen" Stripe Bow Dress (shown in size 4)

I really only tried this one on because the sales associate said I should.

The size 4 fit me well; though, again, I feel like you can see my dinner (a really really great mushroom risotto, which was the chef's special that night at Nordstrom Cafe) through the dress.

Truth be told, I liked all these pieces quite a lot. Just trying them on brightened my spirits a little bit. The construction and the detail are truly fantastic, but...I guess I'm just not ready to pull the trigger on these beauties at full price yet. Shave off about $100-$150 and maybe we can talk. But until then, woo boy. Sticker shock. So I'll be watching the skirt (and maybe the ruffle hem dress too) to go on sale.

Until then, I'll continue to dream of finding Kate Spade clothes at non-Kate Spade prices.


Allrighty, that does it for this round of reviews. As always, thanks so much for reading!

The road goes ever on and on...


  1. 'Gulabi' means pink in Hindi and in Punjabi. :)

  2. You look so pretty Kathryn! Did you try on the Topliner Trench? I think that's the one I'll be dreaming of this spring. Also, is that a Jason Wu for Target dress I spy on the right side? :D

  3. The skirt is pretty. I love the color and the polka dots.

  4. Cuteness Kathryn! I have a new-found obsession for Kate Spade but OY, those prices! But thank you for the reviews, it's nice to see how everything looks IRL! :-)

  5. The first outfit is my fave!!!! SOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUTE!! I'm definitely going to be rummaging through Nordstrom!!

  6. Wait...the elves don't magically appear at Helm's Deep in the book??

  7. The stripe bow dress is TO DIE FOR on you!!!!

  8. OK, I am a size 6 too. What is going on with KS's sizing? I'm usually a 2 in regular clothes. I may start cutting off all my labels from KS just so my feelings aren't hurt! (You look great by the way!)

  9. Thank you for these pictures! It is so hard to see what designer clothing would look like on petite people. I have loved that Kate Spade skirt for ages, and only bought it today because 1) it was on extreme clearance at Neiman Marcus, and 2) now I know what it looks like on a more diminutive physique.