Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Top, Two Ways (OOTDs)

The fact of the matter is, sometimes, the outfits I come up with in my head just outstrip the reality of my life. For instance, the other day, while I was rifling through my closet, putting away some clean laundry, I came across my Joie Fanny Lace Top which I'd bought on deep discount at Nordstrom Rack, nearly two years ago. I hadn't worn it in ages, and I was seized with a sudden desire to put it on - put it on right now!

I thought, "Oooh, I bet that'd be fun with my red Minnies!" Which was followed by, "Oooh, how amazing would that combo be with the Citrus Lime Bubble Necklace?" Fortunately, Dea provided me sound counsel (we've got what amounts to a virtual shopaholics support group of two going...) and reminded me that I have a lot of pretty necklaces already (which circumvented a spontaneous trip to the mall). Then, the weather here in San Diego got all cold and windy and rainy, which meant that if I wanted to wear this outfit, I'd really need a jacket or coat. So, back into my closet I went, and I surfaced with this Forever 21 faux leather would-be-Rick-Owens jacket that I'd bought last year. After all that, there was nothing for it but a pair of fierce black heels, and here you go.

I'm ready for the after-school pick-up:

Top: Joie Fanny Lace Top (also in blush here, and similar here and here)
Jacket: Faux Leather Jacket, Forever 21 (similar here and here)
Shoes: Lanvin Platform Ankle Strap Pumps (similar here and here)
Necklace: J. Crew Necklace (similar here); Lanvin (detachable chains from the shoes, linked together to work like a necklace; similar here and here)

And then, you know, I start to realize that maybe it's all a little too much, but guess what? I go pick up Rowan from school dressed like this anyway. It's not 'til we get home, and everyone's settled in with an after school snack and their favorite cartoons on, that I sit down at my dining table workstation and start typing away at a report, only to know? This isn't the most comfortable thing to be wearing at the moment. So, I go back to my closet and change.

Off comes the jacket, the day-glow pants (which are the best red pants ever!), the designer stilettos, the layered necklaces and on go a comfy cardigan, broken-in jeans, another of my pretty necklaces, and my ubiquitous leopard print flats -- I keep on the black lace top:

Sweater: Banana Republic Shawl Cardigan (2009; similar here, here, and here)
Necklace: Kate Spade 'Hang In There' Necklace (similar here and lots on easy: like this and this)

And that's a wrap. ^_-


  1. you look fab in both. love it.

  2. You must have been the hottest mom at pick-up! Love both outfits and of course, Miss Kate :)

  3. Ha ha ha...this post makes me laugh. I do the same thing...after I exercise, do some errands and take a shower, I don't get dressed in my "real" outfit until just before school pickup. Except my kids are older and I don't even get out of the car! Oh well, it makes me feel better to dress up a bit :)

  4. Oh, I love that top with jeans. What a great mix of fancy and everyday!

  5. I love both outfits, you look great in both. I sometimes end up doing the same as you did -- I wear a nice coordinated outfit to volunteer in my son's classroom, then when he gets home I realize my outfit is a bit too fancy and change several components until I end up "comfy" and can play with my kids.

  6. Okay so you were officially the chicest and hottest mama at the school zone pick-up! I luv it! But I totally understand what you mean about outfits being "a little too much" for the reality of our lives. I live in such suburbia, yeah - it garners a lot of attention when you're all dolled up and everyone else is wearing Lululemon and Rainbows right? I think the comfy outfit is quite cute and chic too!

    xx Vivian @

  7. I soooo do the same thing some days! And when I arrive at our totally suburban pre-school, I realize that the other women might be looking at me like, "where's SHE going in THAT?!" as they're mostly dressed in workout clothes, sweats and a tee, or even sometimes pajamas. :/ I guess i just could never bring myself to go out anywhere looking like I'm about to clean my house. No offense to the women who do, but it's just not my style. Of course when I get home... I go to hot-mess status in about 2.2 seconds. Haha! --- btw, i love the way you worked that lace top into both outfits. You're so stinkin pretty, Carol!

  8. ah, both totally beautiful and stylin' looks- very complete. How did I live my life so long without the possibility of layering with lace tops? I love 'em!!

    Those Lanvin heels are something else! wowwee with the red pants!