Tuesday, March 6, 2012



I said I’d poke my head in to say hello. Bonjour.

Just a quick note today, to say thank you all for all of your kind messages on my post last week. I am overwhelmed by your words of encouragement and your empathy. To say that I’m grateful is an understatement. And to each of you who shared your stories of loss, I also extend my heartfelt condolences.

To Anonymous on March 2, 2012 at 3:36 PM who shared that lovely poem, thank you. I’ve printed it out and it’s on my wall at work...

Many, many thanks.

I have an outfit to share. It’s March, which means birthday discount time at Anthropologie. Woo! It’s not actually my birthday yet, but I was watching stock on this dress online (man…Anthro’s new site format has made it more difficult to do that, eh?), and I could see stock was dwindling so I had to move fast. I think I got the last Small.

…you didn’t expect me to wait until my birthday to wear it, did you?

Bailey 44 Pieced Column Dress

blu sand Denim Jacket (super old from Italy, similar here, here and here)

Jessica Simpson boots (similar-ish here)

H&M Necklace (similar here)

Hello Kitty Two-Finger Ring (similar style here)

Hello Kitty Bandaid

Yeah, that’s me at Honda Center after last night’s Ducks game against the Edmonton Oilers. I’m giddy because we won. And because a bunch of milestones were reached...Teemu Selanne tied Jari Kurri in the NHL's leading scorer list, Corey Perry scored his 200th and 201st career goals, etc.

I’m standing in front of the Corey Perry Hart Memorial Trophy/Rocket Richard Trophy display we’ve set up for the season as a tribute to his MVP-worthy-league-leading-goal-scorer season that he had last year. I decided it was just as good a place as any to take an “oh-oh-tee-dee” pic.

And yes, there’s a band-aid on my knee. Last Friday when the Ducks played the Calgary Flames, it looked like the game was headed for overtime when our captain Ryan Getzlaf scored the game-winning goal with 46 seconds left in regulation. I was so excited that I leaped out of my seat and fell. I’ve got a few scrapes on my right leg as well as a nasty bruise on my right thigh.

I’ve nicknamed my bruise “Ryan Getzlaf” in his honor. It’s fine.

Anyway, I love this dress. Is it a smart purchase? Probably not. It’s $178 at full price, the material is a little thin, it has unfinished hems so it frays a little. And I’ve read several reviews online that say the material is also prone to pilling.

I love it anyway. I never said I was smart.

I’ve noted (with extreme glee) that Rosa of Love at First Shop and my size twin Sara of You, Me & Anthropologie have been attending hockey games recently. I wholeheartedly approve. So here’s my plug, friends: watch hockey. It’s a great sport. And if the excitement of the game isn't enough and you need further convincing, here:

Henrik Lundqvist, goalie for the New York Rangers


And, as if you needed further convincing, the “You Can Play” campaign for the acceptance, support and safety for gay athletes, featuring NHL stars:

As always, thanks for reading. And thanks for being you.


  1. I love your style and you're so beautiful!!! Why are you so amazing?

  2. that dress looks perfect! and yes, hockey is the best sport ever!

    1. Thank you! And I agree, it's great! ^_^

  3. I love Hockey! We had a high school hockey team and it was a big deal that after you graduated you came back to play on the city league. You are so right, hockey players are HOT!!!

    speaking of, so are you in that sassy dress!!!

    1. Aww, that's awesome! There are several Wisconsin-born players in the league (Joe Pavelski of the SJ Sharks comes to mind...), so that's really neat! Hockey's gotten a lot more popular here in Southern California than it used to be, so it's cool to see California-born players start to make the league.

      And yes, so ridiculously hot!

      Thanks for your sweet comment, Pamela! xoxo

  4. Love this blog! Can you explain how to watch stock on items on anthro's website? I've seen other bloggers reference this, but I've never known how to see if an item I'm watching is on the verge of selling out. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! Your kindness means a lot! =)

      As for checking stock, it used to be a lot easier to do it with Anthro's former site format, which I referenced in this post: http://www.inpursuitofprettythings.com/2011/05/check-stock-baby-check-baby-and-some.html

      Now the site only lets you add 1 to your cart at a time, so it's much more difficult. You can still adjust your cart quantity, but they only let you adjust your quantity to a maximum of 10. So what I do now is I add the item to my cart and adjust my cart quantity up to 10, then I go back and add the item to my cart again, adjust the quantity, etc. Basically I keep doing that over and over again until I get to a quantity where I feel comfortable they have a fair amount in stock. It's more time-consuming, but it's helpful when you're keeping your eye on a hot item.

      I hope that made sense, haha!