Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update (Resolutions and Stuff)

So, where do we start? Right, at the beginning of March. Which, arguably, we're currently experiencing. Let's put it this way - we're now just wrapping up the first week of March (seven days, right?) and well, the prospect for limiting my shopping-habit...not so great. Here's a recap of my purchases so far:

1) Jimmy Choo 'Baxen' Peep-Toe Wedge

2) Hedgehog "Daycation Lacey"Wallet (via Kate Spade Sample Sale)

3) J. Crew Jacquard Dot Popover

Hm, okay, see, this is where the listing is really, really good. Because now I can see that I don't need anything else. And besides, there are only...24 days left in March, anyway.

Thursday is going to be an interesting day for a couple of reasons. The first is that it's International Women's Day (yay, women!) and in honor of it, the socially-conscious Raven + Lily is offering a 20% off your entire purchase (promo code: women2012; good only on March 8, 2012). Not only is the jewelry gorgeous, but they support fair trade and eco-friendly practices, are committed to returning the proceeds of the business to their partner communities, with an eye to empowering and promoting women in developing countries. I encourage you to check out their website (my picks include the Amleset Macrame Tassel Necklace and these Wood and Gold Leather bangles - but I also love the Triple Silver Tube Necklace and how fantastic is the Lux Necklace?) and support their efforts to change the lives of women and their families.

Raven + Lily Wood & Leather Bangles

Raven + Lily Amleset Macrame Tassel Necklace & Bracelet

Why else is Thursday interesting? Well, there is the fact that Klout (a company that measures influence by tracking any given individual's social media activity) is partnering with to provide a Perk (Klout-speak for "promotion") which gives a limited number (first-come, first-served) of Klout users some pretty amazing discounts on purchases at, this week. So, for instance, yesterday, anyone with a Klout score between 1-20 got 20% off their purchase at Gilt. Today, people with a score between 21-40 are eligible to get 40% off purchase. And tomorrow, folks with scores between 41-60 are eligible for 60% off!

***Quick pause to mention that I don't believe that Klout has cracked the whole "measure someone's influence" puzzle yet. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's far from perfect. Therefore, I generally don't take the scores they assign very seriously. If you're not yet on Klout, it's interesting and fun (I admit that I enjoy the "Perks"), but try not to twist yourself into a knot about those scores.***

***Second quick pause to say, I really love - of all the flash sale sites, it's my favorite. If you've never shopped it, you might consider checking it out (especially with this Klout promo). If you don't have an account yet, you can get one here.***

The worst of it? Thursday's flash sales on Gilt include Kate Spade and Free People. 

Right. Flash sale prices plus an extra 60% off.

Why is March mean?


  1. I am in the same boat Carol! I got so antsy holding off buying things for most of February that I sort of bought like 5 things at once at the beginning of this month! Now it's still clear sailing from here if I can manage to hold out further, but as you mentioned, there are an excruciating *24* days left. Tricky :) (Especially now that you mentioned the Klout promotion. Wish I did *not* know about that :)) For what it's worth though, the stuff you have gotten is very awesome though --loving it all!

  2. Hi Carol-- Thanks for introducing me to Raven + Lily! During their sale, I ordered a few things (including the wood & leather bangles). They just arrived today and I am thrilled!