Friday, March 2, 2012

Well Played, Nordstrom, Well Played

I don't know if you've seen this graphic, that shows up on Nordstrom's homepage, but I swear, every time I see it, I'm mesmerized. The colors, the shapes, the clothes! It doesn't help that I know triple points days are coming up March 14-18, for Nordstrom card holders. It's almost as if they're brainwashing me with eye candy...though, I suppose for that, there'd need to be some sort of repetitive, pulsing music in the background, and really, that shoe-necklace-coronal-flare behind the model should be slowly spinning too...

Wow, how great is that skirt, anyway? And those fun sandals? You know, I already kinda have a sweater like that (the Ellis) so I'd really only need the skirt to recreate this....

Yeah, I know. March is going to be a rough month.


  1. I really love the outfit. Every detail. But has anyone else noticed that with all these throw back styles and vintage flares, (which are so lovely and lady like and I love), the model has an expression of shocking confusion on her face? Why is that? Is she overwhelmed by colors and overstimulated or is it bigger than that? Is it her everyday life? Is she dropped into the contrived world and startled? Do I over think these things?

  2. mmm...that's lovely! I want to mesmerize with delightful candy-coloured wedges and flirty polka dots too!