Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Showers... (OOTD)

My first grade teacher taught us a lot of little poems and verses. She was a treasure trove of them, now that I look back on it. She knew a little bit of verse for each month of the year, and while I don't remember them all, I do remember learning, "April showers bring May flowers." Which, at the time, didn't make much sense to me, because it never seemed to rain in southern California back then, and the flowers were already abloom.

Interestingly, we've now had more than 3 days of rain here in San Diego, this April (which is quite a lot). The last couple of days have been intermittently wet, cold, and windy - and they've sent me digging through my warm-cozies again. Here's what I wore yesterday:

Shirt: Ruffle neck shirt, J. Crew Outlet (old! Similar here, here, and here)
Pants: AG Stevie Cords (2010; similar herehere, and here)

I should note the forecast for the coming week promises to bring back our more familiar spring weather.

Let me report that I have emerged from the Kate Spade F&F sale unscathed. But I blame the inordinate amount of time it took me to file my taxes (yes, I know, I do like to push things pretty late). I'd actually planned to at least pick up the Elements of Style necklace, but I'm afraid by the time I looked up from H&R Block Online, it was well past midnight, and my window of opportunity had already closed.

The disappointment hasn't quite hit me yet. But when it does, I expect I'll have to run out and grab the Pieced Column Dress, to console myself. *cough* What? It's three times the price of the necklace? Well, serves me right, for procrastinating, doesn't it? That'll teach me.

Disclaimer: At the time of writing, Carol had spent around five hours completing her tax return and was in dire need of sleep. Any disjointed or irrational thinking expressed in the above paragraphs are strictly the product of delirium and should not be taken at all as a guide for appropriate or responsible behavior. Though it can be confirmed that the statement regarding the number of rainy days in San Diego within the past month is entirely true.


  1. Oh you are hilarious. And adorable.

    I am going to Anthro after church, but just to return those tops. Nothing else.

    What? It could happen ;)

  2. Oh, that's good. Preoccupy yourself with a daunting task such as taxes to forget about a sale. I admit, I've done it myself!

  3. Hahaha! This is too funny. Though, I'm sad you didn't get to partake in that sale. :( While you were doing your taxes, I was yelling at my husband saying, "I NEED RETAIL THERAPY!!!" last night (true story). Clothing does funny things to us women... especially SALE clothing. --- BTW, love that Navajo Hoodie!

  4. I've been trying to instill greater feelings of pleasure at avoiding sale temptations (look at meeeee and my fantastic willpower! soon I will be capable of resisting anything!) but it hasn't proven completely succesful yet...(hello sovereign paisley skirt, where have you been all my life?)

    1. hee hee... and of course the april showers reminds me of a fave childhood joke- "If april showers bring mayflowers, what do mayflowers bring...?" why, pilgrims, of course! sigh...

  5. You crack me up Carol! =) Love your cute winter weather in the spring look super cozy!

  6. I'm loving your cozy April showers outfit!! And you disclaimer is hilarious!! Your so cute!

  7. Not very Navajo, but still good. :D