Monday, April 16, 2012

Loungin' (OOTD)

Some days, life just requires that you move quickly from one thing to the next. What you wear matters - because 1) it has to be easy to throw on and 2) it has to be easy to move around in.

And some other days? Well, some other days, you're just sort of a distracted and disorganized mess and for some reason you can't quite get anything done. And what you wear...just needs to be easy. Because anything harder would mean...well, that you never get out of your pjs.

This day was one of the latter. But I'm pretending it was the former. SHHHHH! Don't tell! It'll be our little secret. I blame my ongoing sleep deficit.

Dress: Akin Tunic, Anthropologie 
Necklace: Caramelo Necklace, Anthropologie
Belt: J. Crew Leather Belt (similar here and here)

I could not keep Kate out of the photos today. Have I mentioned that she's got a mind of her own? Yep. 

"Look, Mom! I put my foot like this!"

"Kick, Mom, kick!" And when I fail to comply: "MOM! KICK! KICK!"

This "dress" is from Anthro's lounge-wear section. It's made from a sort of sweatshirt-y fabric. Which means I just want to live in it. What better for a day when you need something easy to wear? And you're doing calisthenics with a bossy toddler?

Hope your day is a great one. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You and your daughter look adorable. How old is she? I. My three year old never leaves me alone when taking photos.

    I need a dress like that, it appears very comfy, casual and sporty.

  2. Kate is so cute. I love the "Kick, Mom, Kick! Your dress looks so comfy and is great for the lazy day.

  3. You and Kate are adorable! What a perfect, comfy dress to bop around in. I love how you looped your belt, too.

  4. I wish i looked that great on my casual days! That necklace is fantastic! I love Kate's kicks. She puts a lot of "oomph" into them. Her mama on the other hand... needs a little bit of work. hahaha! ;)

  5. The bright necklace looks great with the neutrals and the sneakers are perfect for a casual day. I think you need to sign Kate up for a martial art soon ... she looks like she has the energy for it. :)