Saturday, April 7, 2012

Small Business Saturday: knit. by a. pawluk

Hello, everyone! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. This week, we're marking a return to the Small Business Saturday* feature and our business today is a brand new one, just launched this past week by one of our readers:

Aimee turns out not only to be a fellow style blogger with a delightfully tomboyish-yet-still-girly style, but also a wonderfully talented jewelry maker. Her beautiful charms and pendants are all hand-made, solid sterling silver, using the lost-wax method. If you follow her blog, she'll occasionally provide tantalizing glimpses of pieces in the process of being made - deftly carved and shaped bits of green wax, hanks of brightly colored silk embroidery threads, and pretty-patterned envelopes.

For those of us clothing lovers, Aimee says she derives her inspiration for her pieces from garment details, like knit patterns, buttons, fabric textures, and more. What a great idea - and what great gift ideas (Mother's Day comes to mind) for all those women we know who are so skilled at making the clothes and other things we so love. Or, just for those of us who love wearing them. ^_-

I can't decide between the button necklace and the zipper pull necklace. I kinda love them both. I'm currently leaning towards the zipper pull. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!

*Small Business Saturday is a recurring feature, showcasing local brick-and-mortar and online small businesses. We are not compensated in any way by the businesses highlighted for these posts.


  1. Zipper pull, but all the featured pieces are AMAZING! Such talent!

  2. Carol, I want to thank you so much for doing this lovely post about myself and my jewelry. The beginning stages for any small business are tough, and I feel so blessed by people like you and so many others in the blogging community for giving me a boost. My shop has received a lot of views and traffic because of this post today. I am truly humbled.

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