Thursday, April 26, 2012

So, um. This Happened. (Bucket List Purchase)


Hey, hi there! Kathryn here!

Okay, well...fancy shoes are still kind of a new thing for me. I mean, I've done the Nine West thing, I've done the Charles David thing, and I've even done the Tory Burch thing. But I haven't really done shoes from those kind of designers. (...y'all know what I mean when I say, "those kind" right?) My first foray into shoes by one of those kind of designers were those Jimmy Choo Phoenix Espadrilles that I bought last year.

Anyway, what with recent events and all that, something kind of snapped in me this year that's made me want to channel my purchasing energy into buying the things I've always wanted instead of a bunch of passing trends. Because, well...ya know, YOLO*. And all that. Hence, starting my fashion bucket list.

So no colored denim for me, thus far. No Kate Spade sample sale. No Kate Spade, in general. No J.Crew. And nothing recent from Anthro, other than the Pieced Column Dress, which was a birthday present.

This was a kind of a big thing for me, shoes-wise (shooz-wise?), so I thought I'd document it. For posterity's sake. And because this crap is important, gosh darn it.

Behold, the box! (...and a little glimpse of my Pottery Barn-furnished home.)

(I really should have adjusted the color levels in these photos, but I'm way too lazy to do post-processing. Sorry about that.)

And what happened when I opened the box!

(Red! So pretty!) new shoes.

I'm in love. And it's the good kind of love. The kind where you don't just love them, but you like them. And I personally feel it's important to have those relationships where you don't just love the ones you love, but you like them, too.

If...any of that makes sense.

Er. Anyway.

A couple of quick notes: Christian Louboutin shoes don't have the best reputation for comfort, but these are much more comfortable than I imagined they'd be, and they do mold to your feet. It's difficult for me to say they're the most comfortable shoes ever, but I'm not the best person to ask when it comes to the comfort level of shoes due to my moderate to severe hallux valgus. Everything hurts my feet, after a while. And I mean everything - running shoes, TOMS, UGGs, everything.

Which means there's probably a podiatrist or two or a thousand or ten thousand who would scold me for this purchase.

Oh well.

I decided to take my new Christians to a local cobbler to have a protective sole added to the bottom in order to preserve the pretty pretty red. I've heard that the red chips fairly easily and quickly once you walk across a parking lot. And let's face it - if I'm going to pay that much for shooz (especially from one of those kind of designers), I want to take the best care of them humanly possible.

As always, thanks so much for reading! Or skimming...or whatever it is that you do when you stop by! Just, thanks for being here. And thank you for being a friend. Travel down the road and back again. Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant!



*I really hate it when people say "YOLO," but I also confess there's something so ridiculous about it that it makes me laugh.

EDIT: How appropriate that I'd end up posting about my first pair of Christians today, when it's just been announced that he will re-create Cinderella's famous glass shoe this summer! ^_^


  1. Congratulations on your gorgeous, stunning, sexy new shoes! I have foot issues too, so will live vicariously through your hottie heels. Isn't it good to have the perfect something that you love instead of a lot of things that you kinda love? I'm with you - a fashion bucket list is a must have, and I'll be putting mine together soon. I have a milestone birthday next year...a BIG one, so a bucket list of sorts is on my agenda, cause YOLO ;-)

  2. GORGEOUS. :D Such a happy purchase!


    Make sure to check out for tips on how to take care of your Loubis.

  4. What a pair of shoes! They're beautiful. And I like the idea of committing to one outrageously expensive, but dearly loved and much wished-after, item rather than 200 items you don't even really want to bother with. Decisive luxury purchasing, I love it! :) Enjoy your Louboutins!

  5. Congratulations!!!!! This is also on my bucket list, but *sigh* I think I'll have to be happy with looking at them in the store or online for a while... Enjoy them!!! :D

  6. Congratulations on this purchase! They're gorgeous. And perfectly justifiable, why not splurge on a pair of classic black pumps?

  7. Hey Kathryn--I've been feeling the same way lately about trends vs. expensive classics/bucket list items. Since I'm having a baby soon, I'm not yet going to invest in the expensive stuff (because I picture it covered with spit-up), but I think now might be a good time to put together my list (and save money). Shoes like these are definitely going on the list! Congrats on your first big purchase!