Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summer Sandals - Part 2

First of all, thanks to everyone who left me suggestions! You guys are awesome. In fact, there were so many great suggestions, I thought everyone would benefit from them, so I'm sharing them here, in a post, along with a few others I came across, while researching the ones you so intrepidly suggested. Here they are:

1. Corso Como 'Friendship' Sandal
2. Seychelles 'Pansy' Sandal
3. Boutique 9 Piraya Sandals (also called, "Tingo T-Straps" on Anthropologie's website - please note, these shoes are not made of leather, as advertised on Anthropologie's website. The uppers are made of a synthetic material. - Thanks, Chazz!)
4. Seychelles 'Iris' Sandal (also called, "Aubade Heels" on Anthropologie's website)
5. Seychelles 'Stick to Your Guns' Sandal
6. Zara Strappy Sandal (um...I love these! They look like they'll provide me NO foot support whatsoever, but I want them anyway!)
7. Mossimo 'Winifred' Braided Flat Sandal (for this price, I'm going to have to hunt down the blue pair!)
8. Jambu 'Barefoot Vegan'
9. Ancient Greek Sandals 'Myrtis Sandal' (and available in brown here)

One reader suggested I look at Madewell while several others suggested pairs they'd spied on Anthro's site, and well, you know I was looking over J. Crew's selection the other day, so, here are a few more pairs I came across that are in the running:

10. The Station Sandal, Madewell (I want to try them on first, but these might be "The Pair.")
11. The Turnabout Sandal, Madewell (love the colors)
12. Lilibeth Patent Sandals, J. Crew
13. Lena Sandals, J. Crew
14. Triple Strap Slides, Anthropologie (good for just slipping on quickly)
15. Sunkissed Slides, Anthropologie (these look super comfy and what a great price!)
16. Paso Fino Sandals, Anthropologie (maybe not the most practical shoe, but so pretty - especially the blue version!)
17. Glasir's Grove Sandals, Anthropologie (perfect, for when I'm pretending I'm a forest elf! ^_-)

I'll keep you all updated on how I do and how it all turns out. Let me know what you end up with too!

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Hi Carol - just so you know, I was interested in the Tingo T-straps (Boutique 9 sandals) and found them on Amazon as well. Weirdly enough, they are advertised as man made materials and not leather uppers as Anthropologie has advertised. I emailed them and advised them to change the info on their web-site. They responded and basically told me (in their own diplomatic way) to mind my own business. I was a little shocked. I hate buying items that are advertised one way and in reality are another. Shame on them for false advertising...

    1. Wow! That's...crap! Shame on them is right! Ugh. Not cool, Anthro. Not cool. Thanks for the heads up. I'll make a note above, in the post.

  2. I had been meaning to comment on the other post but got distracted. I love the Tod's T-strap Sandal. I trie don a whole bunch of shoes and this is the one that just kept putting itself back on my foot. It's pricey but very comfy and will get a lot of wear!

  3. too much choice!! I think I may just have to embrace bare feet this summer...

    Those grove sandals are pretty cute. Maybe I could wrap my feet in maple leaves and tie 'em on with a little ribbon...

  4. Fan, fan, fan of those first ones! All of them actually. So many pretty choices...Love! =)

    Kristina J.

  5. What's your experience with Seychelles? I've noticed their increasing popularity this year, and wanted to know what you think about their comfort and overall awesomeness (or not). Thanks!!

  6. If you could post pictures when you try on the Madewell station sandal that would be AMAZING!! I want to get a pair but haven't because I haven't seen them in person or in pictures on anyone yet :) Thanks and good luck! I'm always looking for the perfect sandals

  7. Seems the Madewell are online only. Bummer they are cute. And my size in black is back ordered till 7/23/12?? crazy. I vote for them. Cute.

  8. I was going to suggest the Station sandal and then life pulled me away from your blog post before I could. It looks like you've got a good amount of research ahead of you! Can't wait to see what you end up with!

  9. ohhhh madewell........they have my heart in their hands right now. SO MANY cute things and the sandals have me drooling. thanks for this!