Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"For the Woman Who Needs More Hours in the Day..."

This handbag first caught my eye with its vibrant color that still manages to be feel neutral, its elegant, minimalist design that is accented by a close attention to details, and the fact that it looked roomy enough to carry all the stuff a professional woman/mother/style blogger might be schlepping around in her handbag at any given time.

But I was completely won over by the flavor text on the product page at the Neiman Marcus website:

"For the woman who needs more hours in the day, the 3.1 Phillip Lim 31-Hour bag is both sensible and stunning. With a roomy, structured silhouette and glossy leather construction, it will take you from board meeting to birthday party and everything in between. After all, fashion is nothing without function."

    Amen, to that my sisters. Well played, bright yellow bag. Well played.


    1. Jackie here! I have a question for you regarding your blog. Please contact me when you get a chance. jclarkmca[at]gmail[dot]com


      1. Hi Jackie - please send your question to me via email (see sidebar, under "About Us").

    2. This bag is a stunner. I saw it at Nordstrom in another color - black I think. I like the Pashi Satchel too. So versatile - but waaaay to expensive for me.

    3. For awhile I was really obsessed with this bag and went back and forth about buying it, but the thing that stopped me was that it's a bit awkward to get stuff out. You definitely can't reach into this bag one-handed. So while it's a beauty, it's not the most practical bag out there (not that we ever let that stop us, haha)

    4. Gorgeous bag! The yellow color is SO pretty! Wish it had a shoulder strap too... I find that short handles plus 3-year-old twins in tow does not work out so well. :(