Friday, May 18, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Lego Store... (Anthro Fitting Room Reviews)

I'm meant to be on a shopping ban. And as of right now - this very minute - I really and truly am. Honest. Until July, when Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale happens, at least. Because when the Anniversary Sale rolls around, all bets are off. But until then, I am not to buy another single piece of clothing for myself. Nor a handbag. Only maybe a pair of Madewell Station Sandals. Not any small leather goods. Nor any bracelets or rings. Except maybe a couple of Stella & Dot necklaces. I am holding out. 'Til July at least.

Because really? May is only half over, and it's been a disaster. I blame work stress. And Tag Sales. Because see, the other day? I was on my way to the Lego Store, with the kids, to reserve some spots at the Lego Club meeting for Rowan and some buddies, and I happened to pass an Anthropologie on the way there, and thing led to another. And here's the photographic evidence of some of the trying-on that took place that day.

Under and Over Dress:

I am an enormous fan of Bailey 44 jersey dresses. Particularly the nipped-in-waist-with-full-skirt styles. They're so flattering and comfortable, and the Under and Over Dress was no exception. I tried the green version (I do like a green dress) in an XS, and found it fit really well. I'd been a little worried that the neckline would dip too low for my own sense of comfort, but it was okay - and as you can see, with a nice-sized statement necklace, like the Medina Bib Necklace that I happened to be wearing that day, was actually more than fine. The length hit just at the top of my knee, which is great, and overall, I have no complaints. No, wait, I take that back. Two things - no pockets and it's dry-clean only. But other than those things? No complaints. This dress is a pull-on style and comes in a petite size as well. I imagine it'll transition well into the fall when layered over tights and a button-down. Very much wishlisted for sale time.

Eyelet Pinwheel Dress:

I'd noticed a couple months ago that I don't have any navy blue dresses. Funny, right? So, I've been kind of keeping tabs of any promising candidates, which is one of the reasons I even noticed the Eyelet Pinwheel Dress. That and the swingy silhouette caught my eye. This dress is a "Made in Kind" design from O by Organic, which I tried on in a size 0. Now, you might disagree, but I really liked it. Yes, it was a bit like a sack on shorty-shorterson me. It managed to hold it's interesting bell shape despite that, and when viewed from the front, I didn't feel like I was sporting a maternity dress. And once I styled it with a necklace and shoes, it improved measurably (see photo below). For petite women like myself, belting it is another option, as the skirt hit just at the top of my knee, and wouldn't be overly shortened by it. Wishlisted for consideration at sale time.

Cap Sleeve Column Dress:

Anthro is back with yet another iteration of Bailey 44's "magic" dress, this time with a knee-length skirt and short cap sleeves. I have the Pieced Column Dress, which has a long sleeve and a mini-length skirt, which I definitely love. And to tell the truth, when I saw the Cap Sleeve Column Dress pop up on the website, I thought, "It's not as cute as my version."


It might be as cute as my version. I really loved the cap sleeve and the slightly longer length. I couldn't decide which color liked better. The navy-and-white (Anthro's site calls it "blue" though I could have sworn in-store, it looked black. If it actually is blue, it's one of the darkest navy blues I've ever seen) version is very graphic. But I loved the coral-pink/gray stripe of the pink colorway too. Please note, there's quite a bit of stretch in the dresses. I'm wearing the blue-and-white version in an XS and the pink-and-gray stripe in a size Small. Both were fine. I think the XS fit me a touch better, as you can see from the slight bunching that's happening in the skirt with the size Small, below. However, if I didn't have an XS available, that probably wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. This dress is a pull-on style and dry-clean only. Wishlisted for sale time (if it makes it. And it probably won't. Sigh).

Great Outdoors Buttondown & AG Stevie:

The AG Stevie in yellow and the Great Outdoors Buttondown in the bicycle print were the only things that really grabbed me in the Tag Sale. I was really happy to find them in my sizes in-store, even if my monthly budget isn't. I'm wearing the Great Outdoors Buttondown in a size 0 and the AG Stevie in a 26. I loved both, and will tell you now that they totally came home with me.

Just in case you were wondering, the top was boxy and not fitted, as you can see in the photos above. The sleeve was an awkward length - not quite wrist length, but a little long to be 3/4. If they're rolled up, though, they look great. The AG Stevie fit me pretty exactly the same as the corduroy version I bought a couple winters ago, so if you've ever tried or bought those, you'll know how these feel and look on. I can't say enough about AG denim - just love, love, love it - and these Stevies met all expectations. If I have a gripe, it's that I wish the yellow was just a tiny hint brighter, but I can live with these. The Stevie is a "cropped" jean for taller women, but for us petites, it's a totally wearable, not-as-necessary-to-hem length. Both items are machine washable.

So, how did the rest of you make out in the Tag Sale? I got the sense that people weren't as excited about it as past sales. Is it just me, or did the cuts seem not as deep as usual?

Thanks for stopping by! Hoping you're all having a great Friday.


  1. I ended up buying that green Under and Over dress at full price. It's such a flattering dress and I've had such bad luck when it comes to waiting for Bailey44 dresses to go on sale so I decided to go for it.

  2. Oh wow, the Over and Under Dress is a great length for us shorties! Love that! And I was tempted by that adorable bicycle blouse too - I had visions of pairing it with my Field Game Skirt...I just wish I didn't hate to iron as much as I do! The Stevies are great on you too!

  3. LOVE the Stevies on you! Your legs look a mile long!! And, for what it's worth, I like they grey/coral dress Cap Sleeve Column Dress best. The color looks great on you and it's different from the other variations of this dress. :)

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Under and Over dress, but those AG Stevie skinnies are to DIE for!!! Your legs looks great!!

  5. Your pictures have convinced me to get the Cap Sleeve Column dress! It looks great on you! I wasn't able to find anything that I wanted at the tag sale, which is a miracle in itself. Overall it was a disappointment to me!