Friday, May 4, 2012

A Girl & Her Dog (Can I Ask A Favor?)

Hi everyone!
This is not an outfit post or a fun shopping adventure post and it's not a wishlist post. It's a request for a favor - I have a very lovely friend who has a daughter who has a dog. But wait, I'll let her tell the story.* Please let me introduce Molly:

Hi everyone!

Bailey [Molly's dog] is in 4th place out of 724 dogs in the Cutest Pets Contest [run by San Diego's paper, The Union Tribune] and there are still three days left to vote! So, I begged her to let me send one final email [I got the email - and I'm passing the message on to you] and she said yes!

First of all, I really want to thank all of you who have been voting for Bailey.  Can you believe she is in 4th place - this is amazing!

I'd like to ask you to help me in these last three days by voting each and every day.  If possible, maybe you could even ask your family or friends to vote too. [That's why I'm posting this here.]

Molly & Bailey

Here are instructions on how to vote:

1.  Click on the link below:

You have to register and login once you click on the link but it only takes a minute.  Voting from each login/ID is allowed once EACH DAY today, tomorrow andSaturday before the contest ends.

2.  Once you are on the contest web page, click on the tab that says "VOTE"

3.  Once you are on the voting page type in "Bailey" on the search tab and then click the search button.

4.  There are about six dogs named Bailey entered.  Hopefully, you will recognize Bailey - she is the one in the Super Dog costume!

5.  VOTE once you have found Bailey's photo!

If you want to track how Bailey is doing there is a "Sort By" tab on the right side of the page and you can sort by "Most Votes".

I know with your help we can watch Bailey go from 4th place all the way to first place!

Thank you very much!  I am so excited and so is Bailey!

Sending lots of human and dog love your way,

Molly and Bailey

There's only one day left to vote now, but I thought I'd post it anyway, in case any of you wouldn't mind taking a minute to help Molly and Bailey out. Thanks to all of you for taking a minute and helping to create this fun and happy childhood memory for Molly. I'll be back with our usual programming Saturday morning. ^_- 


*With only a few interruptions by me, in brackets. I know, but sometimes, I just can't help myself.