Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Grass Is Greener... (OOTD)

I recently saw a post on Pinterest, that said, "The grass is greener where you water it."

Isn't that the truth?

Dress: Reed Shirtdress, Anthropologie (similar here, here, and here)
Shoes: Jimmy Choo 'Cosmic' Platform Pump (similar but wallet-friendlier here, here, and here)
Necklace: Kate Spade 'Hang In There' Necklace (similar here, here, and lots of options on Etsy here)

This is the Reed Shirtdress from Anthropologie, back in 2010. I loved this dress so much, I bought it in two colors. I wish I'd bought it in all the colors it was ever made in (I think they made it in five - red plaid, blue plaid, an orangey-red, this green, and a navy blue). It's really the dress that started my ongoing love affair with shirtdresses. I can't get enough of them, because of the Reed. What else more is there to say? That I got three compliments on my outfit today (I was without the sweater, because it got warmer in the afternoon), and two were from complete strangers who stopped me to say they loved the dress? Or that it's made of 100% cotton and machine washable? Maybe that it's a size too big for me, but I can't bear to let it go and continue to wear it anyway.

I think Anthro needs to bring the Reed back. Exactly the way they first released it. No changes or updates. Just as is. Who's with me?


  1. I actually like these slightly big- I am ashamed to say I own it in several versions: red plaid, navy, black and white check (came out the season before, but identical) and um...the orange colour in 2 sizes (they fit differently and it's a very favorite piece)! I am sad that the seams tend to fray at the armpits, so they could improve that! I love the heaviness of the doubled skirts though. sigh. yep, I am a Reed lover too!

    I think I can live with not having the green since I have the Beda dress, but I am often tempted when I see these come up for sale occasionally! It's so classic!!

  2. ITA. I have the navy cord, but it is a bit too small in the bust, so I want a re-release so I can get a prettier color.

  3. I agreed with the "The grass is greener where you water it." The dress is amazing on you and I can see why you brought it in two color.

  4. That's so funny, I actually wore my green Reed Shirtdress on Monday and got tons of compliments as well!

  5. What a lovely ensemble! I adore the reed and bought it in orangey red and red plaid. I sold the orangey red but the red plaid remains a favorite. I have always coveted the green and don't know why I didn't buy it when I had the chance (on sale, no less!).

    It would be great if it was re-released in many new colors but without changes to the original design.

  6. Carol you look adorbs! I own the Reed in green too, and love pairing it with a neutral brown or blue belt, as you have done. It's funny; there are constant calls for the plaid Reeds on the EA trade market, and sometimes blue, but rarely -RARELY! if ever - does someone ever mention the green. I wonder why? Green, especially a deep kelly green or a jewel tone green, is one of the best colors out there.

    Right there with ya on the vote for more shirtdresses. The shape works. If it's a different color, it's a different dress! Only thing - my Reed seems to run a bit small in the bust and shoulder area, so I would love a rerelease if they allowed for more room in those places. Just my body type (and lots of pushups, chest & shoulder presses).

  7. Agreed! I somehow missed out on all versions of this dress. I need another chance! You look very pretty:)

  8. I've never tried the Reed Dress but based on what I see from you pictures, Yes!! I'm with you!! I would love to see them bring back such a pretty dress. I love the emerald green on you too!!

  9. Delurking to say that the Kate Spade glasses necklace is my "I wish I would have bought" item (like your Reed in all the colors you didn't buy). It is ADORABLE, and I totally did not buy it and regretted it ever since, though there will always be another pretty necklace and another pretty dress, right?