Monday, May 28, 2012

In Remembrance

This Memorial Day, we take a moment to remember and honor those men and women who gave their lives in service to this nation, both during and after duty - and also to their families, who bore this greatest sacrifice on our behalves. We give thanks for their courage, strength, and lives.

To express appreciation to those servicemen and women still with us, consider donating or volunteering with Operation Gratitude. This organization sends care packages to deployed soldiers. You can donate goods, funds, or just write letters to servicemen and women, to be included inside each care package that gets sent overseas.

Another organization to consider supporting is Team Rubicon, which seeks to facilitate the reintegration of veterans by giving them opportunities to use their hard-won skills to help others while providing community, purpose, and an evolving identity. Listen to founder Jake Wood talking about the importance of organizations like Team Rubicon below:

Have a happy Memorial Day!