Thursday, May 3, 2012

In the Wee Sma's (Ramblings & Milly)

Sometimes, I find that when I'm stuck in the middle of work - meaning, I feel unable to actually produce (and that usually has lots to do with writing) - I need to stop working on it and produce elsewhere. Even when it's not work-related. It's almost as if just getting the engine of the writing-brain in me limber, through some activity - any activity - acts as a lubricant for whatever work with which I may be struggling.

Hence this post, even in light of the fact that I'm about an hour and a half off-schedule from where I hoped to be. It may look like procrastination - and maybe it is - but it's not idle procrastination. (Note: it's 3:02 AM, as I write this. And I'm nowhere near done with the work I got up to do. *grimace*)

I know I'm feeling a little worn out and stressed, because two days ago, when I was feeling rejuvenated and fresh, I announced to myself, the husband, and Kathryn (at different times during the day) that I was going to put myself on a much-needed shopping ban until July. It seemed completely doable and I was feeling great about it. Well, now I'm just a wee bit...wanting a little something. Mind you, I have no idea what that something is. It's a bit like having an itch that needs to be scratched, if you understand. What I am pretty certain of, though, is that a pretty little something would be just...wonderful.

A relief, even.

This is the face of my stress-shopping. And right now? It looks like a Milly dress...*

What about you? Do you stress-shop/browse? What's your "therapy" looking like, lately?

*It should be noted that I haven't actually purchased a Milly dress. Nor am I actually, as of time of writing, seriously considering it. But it is nice to pretend for a few minutes or a couple hours, isn't it?


  1. I do the same exact thing! Lately my therapy has been a mix of J.Crew and some Kate Spade dresses. Pulled the trigger on a J.Crew order two weeks ago but I'm still checking up on a couple of Kate Spade dresses. Also, Webster for Target is coming up this Sunday and I know it'll be hard to fend it off. I should probably go back to my Sporcle therapy haha.

  2. I play pretend dress up on Polyvore if I'm stuck in a rut. Total fantasy dressing usually involving a pretty dress and high heels - neither of which gets worn often IRL.

  3. Of course I do this!! My go-to places online are Kate Spade, J. Crew, and then Gilt, HauteLook, and Ideeli. It's so much fun to pretend that I can afford the stuff I love! ;)

  4. right there with you, Carol. i have been known to pull triggers on buying items when I am up at 2AM with hours of work to go. it's that dopamine surge that you get when you buy something that helps keeps me going when i'm knee-deep in work during the wee' sma hours of the morning.