Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Little Bit of Magic (OOTD)

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. Apologies for the uncharacteristically long absence - spring is a pretty crazy time of year for me at work (report season compounded with grant-writing season = lots of long days and nights and too many cups of coffee). It's in light of this fact that I find the title particularly apt - during days like this, you need a little bit of magic to get you through.

And as I'm running low on pixie dust, I've got to say I'm exceedingly grateful for whatever I can find - and in this instance, that would include the magic dress variety.

Dress: Pieced Column Dress, Bailey 44 via Anthropologie (similar here, here, and here)
Shoes: Diamond Stitch Skimmers, Anthropologie (similar here, here, and here)
Necklace: BP, Nordstrom (similar here, here, and here)
Watch: Michael Kors Clear Crystal Chronograph (similar here and here)

Jacket: Downtown Field, J. Crew (available in stores; similar here, here and here)

I'll tell you right now that this is probably the most body-conscious dress I've ever owned and been happy to wear. We've talked before about this dress, and of course, Kathryn owns it too as do many of you, I'm sure. Like hers, mine was a birthday gift (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and it really came down to the wire - at the time of purchase, there were only 2 stores showing up carrying my size (XS for those of you who are wondering). The jacket, which I first reviewed way back in February was also a birthday gift (thanks to my in-laws and a gift card from my brother) and I'm so glad I have it now. It's a really great spring jacket, despite the darker color, as it manages to feel light but still provide warmth, and of course the waxed cotton exterior is pretty awesome in "weather." Also, the other day, I had a marinara-sauce related mishap (oh, my poor sweater...) and had to wear the jacket zipped up on its own with my jeans, and you know - it still looked pretty put together. Almost as if...I'd done it on purpose.

Wow. The sun just came up on me.* Yep. This is my life right now...

*As in, the sun has risen, and I'm still awake. Did I mention I'm chaperoning first graders on a field trip today? Thank God for Starbucks...


  1. You look so fantastic in this dress! And I've been mulling over the Downtown Field Jacket-- I might need to grab it.

  2. hi carol,i love this outfit!
    i am thinking of getting the downown field jacket and i am a xxs in jcrew tees and a xs in jcrew sweaters.
    do you think the xs in the jacket would fit me or is it too boxy?
    thank you so much for your help!

    1. Hi Ina - hmm...the XS might be a little boxy on you, unless you plan to layer heavier items, like sweaters underneath it. I find it just a touch boxier than I prefer when it's unzipped and open. I generally pretty consistently wear an XS in both tees, sweaters, and size 0 in J. Crew's items, so compare your sizing against that. Hope that helps!

  3. This dress looks fantastic on you! I should have picked this dress up when I had the chance! :)

  4. Carol, you look FABULOUS! This dress REALLY is magic! I managed to snag the last xs in the store a couple of weeks ago and I can't wait to wear it.

  5. Ooooooo, I hope a bus ride with 25 first graders didn't bring your migraine back...Here is wishing you a restful sleep tonight! It looks like you've been getting beauty rest, because you are a knock out in this dress - love it with the pop of color in your shoes!

  6. Ding Dong!! You're the best-dressed pixie ever!

    I would probably add some comment about needing some pixie dust myself, but I think I have actually treated to myself to anything and everything I want lately, so maybe I just want some fairy to wave her wand over my bank account instead!

  7. Yaay Carol!! I'm so happy you bought the dress (your parents are so sweet!!) It looks amazing on you!!

  8. The dress looks amazing you and Kathryn. I can sure use some pixie dust too.