Sunday, May 6, 2012

Something Silly & Fun (Kate OOTD - sort of)

I snapped this photo yesterday, while Kate was playing in her Tinkerbell costume, which she'd insisted on putting on. The pink camo cap is also her accessory choice. I thought it was funny enough to share on Facebook, which then led to my very funny sister-in-law, Anita, composing an OOTD post from Kate's point of view.

One can't let that sort of creative exertion go unrecognized. ^_- So, here are Kate's thoughts on her outfit, as imagined by Anita - enjoy!:

Wand: Disney Tinkerbell Wand
Hat: Pink Camo Cap (purchased at the Miramar Air Show 2 years ago; similar here)

Happy [day after] Cinco de Mayo everyone!  I thought I would celebrate by experimenting with colors and fabrics today.  Instead of pulling on my cotton play clothes this morning, the warm weather made me reach for this sheer piece.  It’s one of my favorites.  I really love the flutter sleeves and the multi-layered skirt.  I especially like all the sequins on the petals that make up the top layer of the skirt.  I love anything that sparkles!  The wings and the pink flower at the waistline are also a nice touch.  The wand was my own idea.  But as you can see, the colors match perfectly.  I wasn’t sure how I would look in so much mint green and pink.  But Mom’s been wearing a lot of mint too and it works for her.  I think I like it on me too!  Mint might be the new blue!  

The pink cap was an accessory that did not come with the dress.  (Target.  One size fits all. ) Sometimes I just like to mix things up and see how it works.  I felt the sheer fabric of the pixie dress would be perfectly complemented by the cotton canvas of my camo cap.  The camo grounds the ethereal feel of the pixie, don’t you think?  Sweet, but strong.  

As you all know, I typically wear an 18-24 month top and a 2T bottom.   I’m pretty petite all around, but a girl’s got to get those stretch bottoms over a diaper.  Pretty hard to do with those slim fitting pieces.   So I tend to go with the 2T.  On dresses, I also go with the 2T.  Again, I think a 18-24 month would suffice, but mom likes to get things that I can wear “for a while” and dad doesn’t like to see me in those “shortie skirts” so oftentimes, I’m stuck with these longish skirts.  With the right shoes though, I can make it work.  

So, back to this DSNY pixie dress….I think it fits pretty well in the bodice.   The tulle in the skirt is a little scratchy and like I said, the skirt is a little long for my taste.  I do tend to be a little long-waisted, but the length of the skirt combined with the fullness of the tulle make my legs look extra short.  I’m not a fan of that.   But overall, the Pixie is an easy dress to pull on for a springtime play day.  I went barefoot today however, so maybe the skirt wouldn’t have the same effect if I had worn shoes.   Not flats though.  Next time I’ll try this look again with heels.  Let’s see if I can get mom to peel herself away from the latest pair of peep toes to take a look at what’s available in heels for the under 3 set.  I’ll tell her it’s for the readers.


  1. Super cute. Her fashion sense is dead on...must have got that from her mom :)

  2. Hilarious! Kate is lovely as always!

  3. this is hilarious and cute! she looks adorbs and the outfit breakdown story is the best :)

  4. Kate - you are so adorable! I really love the fullness of your skirt, and the wings are my favorite part of the whole outfit. I have to remember this in another year when I am ready to stock my dress-up chest. I hope you find the shoes you are looking for, I got a way cute pair of espadrilles yesterday at Carter's of all places! Anyway, I hope you will share more outfits soon, you are just the CUTEST. P.S. - I am so jealous of all your hair!
    Campbell (the girliest baby sister)

  5. Great OOTD. I'm hoping to score a pair of those wings on a pop back. Fingers crossed :-)

    Too adorable!

  6. Hahaha!!! This is hilarious. Love it:)

  7. OMG Carol, this is FANTASTIC. Totally made my night. Kate is adorable and that write-up was dead-on. Love it! Thank you for sharing it!

  8. LOL! Loved this post!!! Kate is the cutest : )

  9. OMG this post is too adorable. Kate should have start her own blog. =)

  10. This made me smile! She is too cute. I love her detailed discussion of fit and the problems of dressing with a diaper. :)