Monday, May 14, 2012

Speaking of Buckets... (and Lists)

So, a little while ago, Kathryn wrote about her fashion bucket list, and it set me to thinking about what would be on mine.

The first thing I thought of was a Helmut Lang blazer.

Specifically, the Tux Blazer...

Oh, and have you seen the back???

It's amazing from every angle:

It can be dressed up, the way Kelly Framel (of the Glamourai) wears it, or casual-and-cute like Drew, below:

And I admit it. I'm obsessed.

I think if I was only allowed one blazer to own in my closet, I'd choose this one. 

So....I guess the next question then, is, what am I waiting for? Maybe it's time for a shopping ban, so as to facilitate the saving up for this little beauty.

Other blazers and jackets that also catch my eye:

1. Helmut Lang Era Suit Blazer (I swear, it's like art!)
2. Theory Gilda Taylor Blazer (deliciously '80s! I kinda like the look of this budget-friendlier version here, too)
3. Smythe Striped Peak Lapel Blazer (aaahhh! The perfect striped blazer from yet another iconic brand)
4. Smythe One Button Blazer (and speaking of Smythe - such a classic!)
5. J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer (because how can we leave this tried-and-true off this list? I don't have one...yet. I love all four colors, as well as the tipped version and the eyelet one for good measure)
6. And you know, while I'm fantasizing anyway, I'll throw in this adorable schoolboy blazer from Boy. By Band of Outsiders.

What about you? Which of these would you pick, should you happen to win the Fantasy Blazer Lottery? Or is there one you have in mind that I neglected to list above?


  1. That blazer is to die for! And the price is not as bad as I was expecting (although maybe too much shopping has warped my sense of perspective!). It seems like the kind of piece you'd keep forever though and it would always look fantastic.

  2. I actually have this blazer and it is a great piece that helps to bring balance to any outfit; the tuxedo/masculine feel of the jacket balances out feminine dresses, the architectural quality gives a little extra polish to casual outfits, and the elevated back balances out the strong shoulder look so that it doesn't look like it's from the 80's. It took me ~ 3 months to save for this piece, but it was well worth it. I hope to see it on you one day!

  3. Gorgegeous blazer. Have u tried it? A great jacket is always worth the money to me-they make everything look great and last for ages.

  4. Holy smokes! I have about 15 black blazers and THIS particular jacket is something special indeed!! I love it and it is worth every expensive penny. After a month of eating ramen, it is mine!!!