Sunday, May 27, 2012

Variations On The Perfect Memorial Day Weekend Outfit

You know, it's stylings like this that make me want to reconsider my whole anti-hat stance.1 Though, I think this outfit would be perfect for Memorial Day weekend - as well as many other summer weekends -  even without the hat. Better yet? Three of the essential components are already on sale - four, if you count the hat (yay, Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for Women and Children!).

And in case you're interested in variations on the theme:

Happy hunting and thanks for stopping by!

1Yes, I actually have an anti-hat position. And it has everything to do with hat hair. How do people who wear hats - and look amazing in them - cope with the hat hair afterwards? Is there some secret to wearing hats without ending up with smushy, flattened, hair that I am not privy to? If so - 'fess up! Share! Help a sister out!


  1. I know. Some things look so cute on other people, even those you don't like. The hat is adorable, and so is this outfit.
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  2. While it looks good, I have never understood the concept of wearing a sweater and shorts. But. I live in Texas.

  3. that is definitely the perfect Memorial Day outfit. i've actually been thinking about buying a pair of oxfords. i want to rock them for a bit.

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  4. I agree with Lauren. I've always loved the whole sweater and shorts look, especially for after a day at the beach. Sadly, here in the South though, it's just not practical. It's going to be 93 today and all I can do is wear a tank top and shorts and hope for the best! Happy Memorial Day!

  5. love this outfit! wish it would get cool enough in atlanta to be able to wear a sweater!

  6. Loved all the variation suggestions as well! Oh, and wanted to tell you that I have really been enjoying seeing your outfits. Such beautiful clothes you own. Hope you had a wonderful memorial day! =)
    Kristina J.