Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Very Bad Day (but a very good dress)

Yesterday was a rough day. My work laptop became severely unhappy (as in the refusing to boot up even in safe-mode sort of "unhappy") and I ended up driving about 3.5 hours round-trip to the nearest branch office of my organization that has IT staff in it, to see if they could rescue the files off my hard drive.

That story does not have a happy ending. Moral of the day - back up your files regularly, my friends. Let my horrifying experience be a lesson to you. Do NOT be the sad, shocked, sad, disbelieving, sad, WHAT-DO-YOU-MEAN-THE-HARD-DRIVE-HAS-DIED?!?!?!, sad, wading-through-old-emails-hoping-I-sent-that-to-a-colleague-so-maybe-I-can-find-a-version-of-it-to-work-from, sad person I was yesterday.

And still am, inside, right now. Outwardly, I'm quite composed and my normal self. But that's because I have small children in the house and if I have a melt-down (the way I imagine I will in a few days when the gravity of the situation - OMGI'VELOSTALLMYDATA-WTFAMIGOINGTODO - hits me), that could really have adverse effects on them and, you know. We wouldn't want that.

*Deep Breath*

*Keep breathing*

*Seriously, BREATHE Woman!*

In the haze of dread and grief and confusion (How did this happen? Why did this happen? Did I do something wrong? I thought things were working out so well between us...) I stopped at a mall to wander aimlessly. I ended up in H&M, home of cheap thrills and the occasional pretty find, where I came across this sweet little dress:

H&M Polka Dot Dress $29.95

I tried this on in a size small and found it fit pretty much perfectly. It's made from a ponte knit that is stretchy yet substantial at the same time and while it looks sort of ambivalently beige-y in these photos, is more of a taupe, with definite gray undertones. It comes with a sort of cheap-looking patent pink belt (which I didn't even bother to fasten properly). The skirt hit about an inch and a half above my knee, has pull-on styling, and is machine washable. No pockets, but that's not terribly surprising for an H&M dress of this type. Totally came home with me. (Which is completely preferable to the notion of checking out Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth for the Helmut Lang Tuxedo Blazer, that flashed through my head as I pulled up to the mall. A $30 retail therapy blitz, my budget can handle. But a $600 bender? Not so much...).

And as polka dot dresses are very of the moment right now and H&M can't be bothered to have an online retail presence (does anyone else wonder what that's about?), here are a few others you might want to have a look at, should you not be closer to a brick & mortar H&M store or your local store isn't carrying this dress for some reason:

3. Robert Rodriguez Draped Polka Dot Dress (simultaneously sexy and demure, if you can believe it)
6. Lauren by RL Jersey Polka Dot Dress (reminds me of the iconic Pretty Woman dress!)

Had I not had my computer disaster (oh, try not to think about it yet! I was happy thinking about pretty dresses!) yesterday, I'd be heading to the Anthro Tag Sale this morning for sure. As it is, I'm not sure if I have the time - seeing as how I have to catch up with work I planned to finish yesterday, today. Still, with the AG Stevie (in yellow, please!), Sincerely Paris Halter Dress, and Great Outdoors Buttondown on sale, it's terribly tempting. 

What about you? Are you going?


  1. I adore this dress Carol, my sister purchased it a couple of weeks ago on her return to the UK and every time she wears it I growl with jealously a little. When I get time to head to town I'm looking out for this one! Louise x

  2. Bummer about the computer! I know how you feel. My work computer died 2 weeks into my maternity leave...after I had upload ALL of my fresh and new infant pictures. I freaked. Luckily I remembered that I had put them online as well...BUT I do understand the panic!
    However, the dress is SUPER cute. I noticed that dress (and a polka dot skirt with a mint belt) as I was walking out of H&M...and since ALL three of my men were complaining about their hunger pains, I knew I needed to feed them first. Maybe I can sneak back soon. It looks great on you!

  3. Oh no about the laptop! That's a huge fear of mine - so I old school backup onto USB sticks.

    That dress is fantabulous! I haven't gone to H&M in a while since I don't have one close, but that dress may make me do the trek - great find!

  4. Oh girl, I have been there and it sucks! Happened to me last fall and it took me a couple of months to recover...my iTunes library still isn't the same. I'm so sorry about your HD and hopefully you're able to get back to biznss soon.

    That dress looks fantastic on you! Nice mood lifter. :)

  5. Oh no! I am sorry for the loss of your files.

    You look adorable and pretty so that is something. :)

  6. Oh, what a bummer! I know that is so frustrating.

    You are looking fabulous in that cute dress:)

  7. Boo to computer problems! It's sobering and amazing to realize how reliant we are on these machines. I sympathize because I had a fairly new (less than a year old) laptop whose hard drive crashed. The maker replaced the hard drive for free because it was defective, but that was small consolation for losing all the stuff on it. Backing up is tedious, but not as tedious as trying to reconstruct hours of hard work. :(
    What an awesome dress! I need some polka dots in my life. We don't have an H&M here, so I would love if they went online. :)

  8. Ack! So sorry for your computer nightmare! I hope you were able to sneak off to the tag sale and distract yourself at some point today. Retail therapy is the best kind!

  9. Eeek:( I'm just as bad, scary thought... I saw that dress a couple of weekends ago and I was on the fence. I may just have to return:p... Good luck!