Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WANTS: Boy. by Band of Outsiders

I recently discovered Boy. by Band of Outsiders, and I have to say, while it's completely a fantasy label for me (as in, "If I won a Mega Millions Jackpot..." sort of fantasy), I wanted to share its fun, playful takes on menswear silhouettes for women. I just can't get enough of them. Which is funny, because just a couple years ago, I'm pretty sure I was also pledging my undying devotion to ruffles and bows.

Ah, fashion. You're a fickle mistress.

My Boy. by Band of Outsiders WANTS (some of them are from the pre-fall 2012 collection - I know, it feels like we only just got to spring. But the fashion world's calendar is unforgiving and unrelenting):

(How many of you are having flashbacks to those nylon "Members Only" jackets from the '80s, when you see this jacket? Seriously, I die.)

(Do I even need to explain why I love this? No, I thought not. You get me.)

(Um. Shirtdress. And that about sums that up.)

(This might be my favorite of all the pieces here. So cute as is. But can't you see it layered over any number of long sleeve shirts or sweaters, with tights and boots too? Omg, I could even wear a tie with it. Someone take away my credit card.)

(It's silly how cute this dress is. I'll confess that I started trying to rationalize purchasing it, until I realized it was already sold out in my size. So sad.)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That sleeveless coat... soooo many ideas. Sooo amazing.SOOOOOO out of my price range. Thanks for showing us though. Fun to look!

  2. Um. Not feeling any of these items...especially at those PRICES! Yikes! Mostly for the very reason you mentioned in your post...things I think I love, I need, I will die if I can't have them (aforementioned ruffles), I think "meh." less than a year later. Say, for instance, a blue plaid coat with too short sleeves, for almost $2,000??

  3. Oh, I ADORE Boy. by Band of Outiders! Girl. is amazing too. Lots of inspiration! Shopbop does have some great sales and I have found a few pieces of Boy. on ebay in the past as well!

    1. You know, Aimee, I totally thought of you when I was "researching" for this post. :) It's got such a great Aimee aesthetic. I didn't even know there was a Girl.! I'll need to check that out too. Thanks!

    2. As soon as I saw the title of this post I got all giddy! Here's a Girl. top I love and think you might too! (could definitely do it with a cami underneath to keep the midriff hidden)