Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hakuna Matata

A meerkat family, adorning a cotton, machine-washable sweater? Yes, please!!!

Some other cute creature-print options:

1. Clever Critters Cardigan, Modcloth (foxes and rabbits!)
2. Arctic Mini Dress, Anthropologie (polar bears!)
3. Owl Print Shirt, Asos (owls!)
4. Francophile Feline Top, Modcloth (cat!)
5. QSW Sable Sleeveless Blouse, Quicksilver (horses!)
6. Crossback Printed Tank, Pim + Larkin (seahorses!)
7. Night Bird Print Shift Dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs (birds!...sort of...)
8. Elephant Print Top, Quotation: Yumi Kim (elephants!)
9. Camel Caravan Printed Scarf, Kate Spade (camels!)
10. Penguin Print Scoopneck Tee, Marni (penguins!)

When it comes to our furry/four-legged/fine-feathered/finned/scaled friends, where do you stand? Do they belong on your clothes or not?

*I am fully aware that in most parts of the country, a long sleeved sweater may be out of the question for the current season. However, consider how useful this could be the other three seasons of the year...