Monday, June 18, 2012

Promises, Promises (Wishlist)

A few weeks ago, I promised Kate J. that I'd post here when J. Crew and other of my favorite retailers do sale promotions. So in keeping with that, I am letting you know (in case you didn't, yet) that J. Crew is offering an extra 30% off Summer Sale, right now. The promotion runs until the end of Thursday, June 21st, and you need to use the promo code "SHOPNOW" (not very subtle, are they?) to get the extra discount.

I'm personally sitting this one out (oh shopping ban, you suck the joy right out of life...) but if I were indulging, here's what would be in my shopping cart:

1. Tippi in linen (I can't get enough of these totally easy, beautifully colored summer-weight sweaters.)
2. Maritime Anchor Dress (erm...the last time I checked, 30% off $39.99 is under $30 for a dress. Have I mentioned I hate shopping bans?)
3. Midsummer Maxi Dress in Raj Print (I love the striking colors of this print. For those of you who find it to be a touch too much drama, the solid version looks great too.)
4. Perfect Fit Mixed-Tape Cardigan (This is one that Kendi sports a lot. And I always kick myself for not getting it. AUGH.)
5. Vintage Cotton Boatneck Tee (This cut looks so versatile - easy to dress up and dress down. And I love the texture of J. Crew's vintage cotton. Sigh. I can feel myself being talked into this by my own blog post. This is very bad. This is very, very bad.)
6. Amie Double Stripe Maxi Dress (While I know I'm about two feet too short to wear this dress effectively - I have to say, I love it.)
7. No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Caribbean Tweed (This *cough* may already be hanging in my closet *cough* from my last trip to J. Crew *cough*. There seems to be something tickling my throat. *cough*)
8. No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Garden Floral (Okay, I'm so relieved this one seems to be sold out in my size. Because yikes...that would have been hard to withstand.)
9. Tessa Top in Safari Cat (I know, I know that by the time fall rolls around, I'll rue that I let this one slip by...heck. I'll be rueing this next week.)
10. Natasha Top in Polka Dot (so pretty and so sweet. It's very Kate Spade, isn't it? Only for...oh...about $200 less. Sigh.)

What about you? Are you sitting this sale out, or are you succumbing to the temptation?


  1. I may have succumbed...BUT I did nab a pair of cafe capri pants for $20 and the poppy king for j.crew lipstick...and a few other little things... So not a dramatic damage. I did get free shipping on the WHOLE order, even though I ordered only one crewcut shirt for my boys. Interesting...

  2. Does resisting the J.Crew sale mean it's okay to buy twice as many Anthro markdowns? What? That's clearly logical thinking, right ;) I would have grabbed the Garden Floral cardi, but I just won an Ambrosial auction on Ebay the other day - the prints are SO similar!

  3. Thanks, Carol!! I made my way to J. Crew the other day and bought two striped tees, a purple fitted dress, and a bright green belt! :D It's so awesome when they have their sales on their sale items!!

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