Friday, June 8, 2012

Short(s) Summer

With the onset of June, I'm struck with an overwhelming desire for a summer vacation. Do you remember those? The kind where school would end and you'd come home with your desk/locker contents emptied into your backpack and/or shopping bags taken expressly to school to carry home all that crap and a long, school-less three months stretching before you, blank, boring, and hot.

When I was a kid, summer felt like it went on forever. Now? Well, now I blink and entire weeks zip by before I'm ready. I can't even begin to express my longing for that sort of languorous, slow-moving time we used to experience as children. It was so wasted on us, back then.

Because wow, could I use it now.

And with all these thoughts of summer comes thoughts of summer clothes. And what's more quintessentially "summer" than shorts? True, as a grown-up (sigh) I have many fewer opportunities to wear shorts, than I did as a kid. But that being said, it doesn't mean I can't find the times and places for them. And this year? I'm loving all the variations that are available - cut-offs, cuffed, printed, colored, boyfriend, etc, etc. Not even sure where to begin? Here are some of my favorites:

1. Blackbirds Shorts, Anthropologie (so cute and fluttery! Practically a skirt.)
2. J. Crew 4"Chino Shorts (a tried-and-true basic, in updated colors - what's not to love?)
3. Paige 'Silver Lake' Cut-off Denim Shorts; (the printed jeans trend shifts upwards for the summer - same style, different print on sale here)
4. Gap Ikat Canvas Shorts (a great way to ease into the printed-short trend, if you're feeling skittish - classic cut, basic colors, understated pattern.)
5. J. Crew Denim Shorts (So funny to see this silhouette comfy-but-frumpy silhouette come back. But who are we kidding here? You had me at "comfy.")
6. Kate Spade 'Nico' Striped Shorts (umm...high waisted, striped, seersucker? Yes, please! Love this retro silhouette.)
7. Scalloped Denim Shorts, Future:Standard (lady-like, sweet, and so versatile. Want!)

So what do you think? Are shorts a staple in your summer closet? Or are they something you tend to forego? Are this season's variety of styles tempting you at all?


  1. jcrew 5" chino shorts are my summer staple. so easy, tons of colors, fairly consistent sizing and quality over the years. i also have two pairs of the 7" length which have been getting lots of use as well.

    i had an old (mid-90s) pair of denim engineer stripe shorts from the gap that i got rid of a few years ago, which i now regret because they were quite comfy, and the style seems to be making a comeback.

  2. I am trying to refresh my shorts inventory this year and I love that Gap Ikat pair you posted. I really wanted the Ikat ones from J. Crew Factory after loving the cardi some much, but now they are sold out online - maybe they will pop back up? I also ordered that printed Trina Turk pair from BR - but I'm worried they might be too itty-bitty. I am hope, hoping my Summer will fly by - honestly, the thought of all 4 kids, all day, every day...makes me wish I could jaunt off to overnight camp ;)

  3. I've really started to love shorts! I never wore them before because I was very conscious of my legs, but I've mostly gotten over it. xD It's never very hot where I am though, so I am a huge fan of the shorts over tights look!