Sunday, July 22, 2012

All the Pretty Dresses (Wishlist Fantasies)

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a good weekend. It's a scorcher here in Southern California - even in temperate San Diego, we're suffering temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s. All I have to say is, thank goodness for the beach, to which my family is planning to decamp, post-haste. I'm also aware that our forecast is laughably low compared to some other parts of the country (did you hear that 60% of the country is suffering from severe drought conditions???) so I hope you're also finding ways to keep cool through this brutal summer heat.

Moving on to the business at hand, I want to mention that these past few weeks have been seeing me wear a lot of (sadly, unblogged) dresses. Dresses are, as my long-time readers will know, one of my favorite types of clothing, particularly for their ease and general loveliness. For much of last year and definitely the year before that, dresses held real primacy in my wardrobe. However, I'd say the past 12 months saw me move away from dresses and more towards separates, which is fine - it's good to switch things up now and again. These past few weeks though, I've been relearning to appreciate the power of a good dress. With one garment, and maybe an accessory or two, I can go from nondescript or even frumpy, to feeling pulled-together and presentable.

A good dress practically has super powers.

So, with this in mind, I've been researching my favorite retailers for promising additions to my closet. Here's what I've come up with:

Nanette Asymmetric Dress, Anthropologie
(This dress is topping my list! But the petite version is backordered until October. =P Boooo!)

Any and all of these would be welcome additions to my dress collection too:

1. Knit Corners Dress, Anthropologie (Love the red and white stripes on this dress!)
2. Rauma Drop-Waist Dress, Anthropologie (The lace is so luxe but the shape is super versatile - this one would be great to dress up or dress down.)
3. Under and Over Dress, Anthropologie (Wonderful jersey dress - who couldn't use one or two of those in their arsenal?)
4. Crimson Ponte Dress, Anthropologie (Love the retro styling - so '60s!)
5. Polka-Dot Tie-Neck Dress, J. Crew (oh my goodness - this dress is killing me. I want, I want, I want!)
6. Classic Shirtdress, J. Crew (Please see above.)
7. Stripe Derby Dress, J. Crew (Another fun, stripy dress. With the right layers, I could see this dress working all year 'round.)
8. Workwear Shirtdress, J. Crew (My friend has this dress and it looks fantastic on her. It's a real wardrobe workhorse.)
9. Chambray Songbird Dress, Madewell (Such a great staple - fun and wearable silhouette and who doesn't look great in chambray?)
10. Plaid Songbird Dress, Madewell (You already know I love the cut of this dress and that I have a weakness for plaid...and it's on sale...)
11. Silk Dotty Dress, Madewell (Cute!)
12. Radiohour Shift Dress, Madewell (Surprisingly sophisticated - and looks fantastically comfy too.)

Now as the title of this post indicates, this list is a bit of a fantasy, so I'm definitely going to have to do some deliberating as to which, if any of these (Nanette! Nanette! Nanette! Polka Dot Tie-Neck! Classic Shirtdress!) will be able to join me. What do you think? Are any of these on your list? Or are there others you've got your eye on? 


  1. Good lord carol, i WANT the nanette and the jcrew polka dot tie neck too!! I'm spewing that the nanette petite is on back order until october. I want it NOW. It would be great if you could review the jcrew polka dot dress please :-)

  2. That is soooooo wrong that the Nanette dress won't be available for summer wearing...October? Ridiculous! I have fewer things on my wishlist than I did last year at this time, so I'm hoping some new pieces will knock my socks off soon. The Bubbled bands shirtdress looks pretty cute, in both colours, but like most anthro things these days I'm not sure about the fit...that looks pretty high waisted!

  3. I am with you on loving dresses--they are my go to garment--so forgiving, flattering, comfortable, and easy to throw on! I always feel my best when I'm wearing a dress. I had my bridal shower yesterday, and had decided I couldn't afford to buy a new dress. However, as the time approached, I found I was feeling stressed because I had "nothing" to wear. I went on a mission and found the perfect dress, on sale, in my size, one hour before the shower started. I felt amazing and got so many compliments on the dress and how nice I looked in it! I think it totally transformed my day and my attitude.

    Anyway, I love your lists of links--good luck finding more magic dresses!

  4. I love dresse especially in the summer. I love the Over and Under dress easy . I tried on the Crimson Pointe and red's a great color for me, but the gold buttons annoyed me for some reason. You have great choices here :)

  5. aaaaahh, the nanette asymmetric dress is so so so beautiful! i would love to have that in my closet. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  6. That Nanette dress is gorgeous. And if I could add #3 through #6 to my closet, I would be very happy. You're right, a good dress does have super powers! :)

  7. I agree a great dress is magical. (But, sooo hard to find.)Definitely the Nanette, with the polka dot tie-neck dress in close second. I love your blog. I mentioned it in my post today. Please let me know if it is ok.

  8. Carol, I 100% support the Nanette acquisition. I've been obsessing over it for the last couple of weeks and blew my cerebral cortex up with the angst of it all...So I ordered it. I'm pretty sure this one can cure hormonal imbalance, cook dinner by itself, and solve world peace! I can't believe the petite version is backordered til October! Ludicrous!

  9. I love the chambray dresses. If you could only choose one though, which one would you go for: the J Crew workwear dress or the Madewell chambray songbird (aka the Katie Holmes dress) I already have the Songbird dress in the purple dots and think it runs a little short.