Saturday, July 28, 2012

Coming Up For Air (And a Little Valentino)

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a great weekend. Apologies for the infrequent posts this week - I've been mired down in work this whole week with a hard deadline coming up this Monday morning. I've been exhausted but productive and I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, which is a bit of a relief.

I did take a time-out from all this work to go to the Nordstrom Designer Preview for Fall 2012 with Kathryn, at the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel this past Wednesday night. It was fantastic, even on just four hours of sleep over a 36-hour period, and we'll be putting up a nice big post sometime in the next few days on the entire event and all the beautiful fall fashions. But in the meantime, I thought I'd share some of the pretties I snapped on my iPhone - specifically, some seriously great designer accessories.

Valentino = *happy sighs*

(I just noticed that they seem to have been unlaced - I was too distracted by the amazing laser-cut lace-like detailing on the toe and heel of this shoe to have caught that. So gorgeous.)

(Oh my goodness, I want these so bad, it hurts a little. Note to self: buy some lotto tickets this weekend...)

(I's like they're just taunting me now. So beautiful. So insanely out of bounds, budget-wise.)

And this isn't mentioning the Valentino Rockstud Small Leather Tote (though the color was more like this than the brownish-red - you can get a peek at it in photo of the Ruffle Boot above - the bag is to the right of the boot) that I wanted desperately to bring home with me. You know...if I won the lottery or something.

Correction: Valentino = *wistful sighs*

And with the Olympics opening ceremony still fresh on my mind, I have to share this little bit of Alexander McQueen too:

And I already posted this photo of us on our Facebook page, but in case you missed it...

Kathryn's outfit details:

Carol's outfit details:
Dress: Ted Baker London Foxglove Silk Dress (via Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!)
Shoes: Miu Miu Suede Platform Pumps (similar here)
Watch: Michele CSX two-tone (similar face here; band here)

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  1. you gals look gorgeous! i really like kathryn's lace detailing. and those lace oxfords? helllla win for all seasons. and smiles for the british clutch

    pandaphilia style

  2. Stunning, simply stunning.

    Oh and you two look good, too.

    Just kidding! You both are the stunners here! Gorgeous dresses and I love that Kathryn has her DVF!

  3. I love your dresses. Having an event to wear your great finds is such a pleasure. I love the sneak previews of the Valentino( wistful sigh)shoes.

  4. Oh wow that event sounds so fancy and fabulous! Can't wait to see more!!

    You both look incredible. I love your dresses! Gorgeous gals!!

  5. Thanks for sharing the pics! I'm drooling over the lace oxfords and you stunning gals in pretty dresses!

  6. Gorgeous pic! I have been eyeing the Zarita dress.. might have to splurge for it. You both look great!

  7. You ladies look incredible!! Can't wait to read the full post.

  8. oh my goodness! You are torturing me with those gorgeous boots!! ><
    You guys look fabulous as usual!

  9. I love both your dresses!! Beautiful!!

  10. Cute dresses!!!

    (Check out the giveaway I'm hosting this week!!)

  11. I am speachless...all those shoes are gorg!!! you two are adorable and lucky to have such a love for your passions...most people think i am crazy for loving clothing and pretty things so two make me feel not so crazy!!!
    thank you so much for sharing your passions

  12. You are both so adorable and I love your style. I really enjoy your blog and get such good ideas.